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  • Approximate % of Punjabi woman giving birth at ARH


    What are the 5 ks in sikh?

    Kesh, Khanga, Karra, Kachha, Kirpan


    ones uncut hair









    Do Punjabi women go to prenatal classes?


    Pregnancy is considered a hot state, what kind of food must they eat because of this?

    Cold food, milk, rice, yogurt, wheat, green leafs, vegetables etc.

    Why are papaya, pumpkin, chicken and eggs considered harmful in pregnancy?

    These foods are considered hot foods

    What is believed if the woman eats small meals?

    Small meals = small baby

    In some families when would the daughter in law eat?


    What might be the result of eating last?

    Might not be enough food for her

    Allot of women are vegetarians, what might this cause?

    they don't consume enough protein/ iron resulting in low haemoglobin

    Why doesn't low haemoglobin generally bother the women?

    They are used to it

    What do these woman believe about sex during pregnancy?

    believe it is prohibited, especially during last trimester

    How do they believe they should dress?

    They believe they should cover their growing bellies with layers of clothing

    What about the "evil spirits and the evil eye"?

    pregnant woman are especially vulnerable to them

    What is the belief on twin and breech pregnancies?

    They are considered bad luck

    How do husband and wife act?

    They do not show affection in public

    What should a nurse do to help the husband?

    Give him instructions on how to help. eg. bring a cold cloth (he may be lost or shy)

    Can woman do lifting during pregnancy?

    No heavy lifting

    Can woman dance during pregnancy?

    No dancing

    Can woman wear heals during pregnancy?

    No heels

    Where do the women go in india during last trimester?

    they would go to their parents homes

    What should we educate them on during labor?

    pain management- walking showering, birthing ball, tub etc.

    How do they deal with pain management?

    by massaging extremities, forehead, head

    What are the beliefs on accepting analgesia or epidural?

    Believed to be a family decision, not just the mothers

    What about c-sections?

    in india it is considered to be an operation that can be paid for. need to explain that they need to go through the steps

    What type of foods should they eat during labor and delivery?

    Hot foods- warm milk, brown sugar, ginger with butter.

    What is the partners role?

    Man's job is to work,

    What is the woman's job?

    having babies and raising them

    Who provides the support?

    Female family members

    What is considered the rest period

    21-42 days post partum

    Why wont some woman want to shower after labor

    it is considered work and there should be no heavy work

    What should you do if a woman doesn't want to shower after labor?

    encourage hygiene, give peri bottle.

    What type of foods should a woman eat post partum?

    Hot foods are recommended, avoid cold foods

    What do they believe about milk and breast milk?

    believed more milk produces more breast milk

    what is believed of colostrum?

    that it is dirty, stale and hard to digest

    What should we tell mom re colostrum?

    tell them it is good as antibiotics

    What is gurtti?

    honey, sugar, holy water (give to baby)

    Why do some moms believe in bottling with formula?

    it is believed the upper class wold give formula

    Why will mom ask for a bottle with visitors?

    BF is considered personal and private

    How do they name their baby?

    They visit the Gurdwara and the priest gives the first letter

    Where will there be greenery?

    At the front door

    What about sweets?

    For visiters at the home (rude not to take a piece)

    Why do they want a boy?

    To cary on the name and to take care of the parents

    How do you inquire about abuse?

    ask when no one is around if she feels safe going home,

    What is believed of PPD?

    it is shameful, a mental illness and kept quit

    What is a piece of black thread around the baby's wrist or dot around ear for?

    To keep evil spirits away

    Why will women with male Dr's ask to be referred to a woman?


    Do they do all regular tests?

    Yes, but not sure why

    What are components of culturally competent care?

    knowledge of culture, understanding myself and own limitations, appreciating difference and greatness of others

    components of cultural encounter

    respect, communicate, understand, engage,

    Why is it important to give culturally competent care?

    ethically responsible, better health outcomes, satisfaction,

    Leininger's theory: three major models of action and decision making are:

    Cultural care preservation/maintenance, Cultural care accommodation/negotiation, cultural care restructuring and repairing

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