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  1. igiturman


  2. magnus, magnabig, great, large, loud (voice, laugh)


  3. Quem...?Whom...? (sing.)


  4. terret, terrent (terrēre)he/she frightens/terrifies; they frighten/terrify (to frighten or terrify)


  5. labōrantesthem (masc.)


  6. magnā vōceNo! Not at all!


  7. advenit, adveniunt (advenīre)he/she sleeps; they sleep (to sleep)


  8. necesse estit is necessary


  9. errat, errant (errāre)he/she carries; they carry (to carry)


  10. Quid...?What...?


  11. exit, exeunt (exīre)he/she goes out; they go out (to go out)


  12. īrātus, īrātatroublesome, annoying


  13. ad vīllamto/toward/at the country house


  14. inquithe/she says


  15. Cūr...?Why...?


  16. cibuswolf


  17. lānam trahereto spin wool


  18. est, sunt (esse)he/she is; they are (to be)


  19. molestus, molestacowardly, lazy


  20. it, eunt (īre)he/she goes; they go (to go)


  21. rīdet, rīdent (rīdēre)he/she laughs/smiles; they laugh/smile (to laugh/smile)


  22. Italiastatue


  23. hodiēslowly


  24. Quō...?What...?


  25. laetus, laetabig, great, large, loud (voice, laugh)


  26. aestātein the summer


  27. vīcīnus, vīcīnaweak, shaky


  28. subitōwhen, where


  29. gemit, gemunt (gemere)he/she groans; they groan (to groan)


  30. ē vīllāto/toward/at the country house


  31. meus, meahim


  32. urbshis, her(s)


  33. cūrat, cūrant (cūrāre)he/she cleans; they clean (to clean)


  34. you (acc.)


  35. in hortuminto the garden


  36. nōlit, nōlunt (nōlle)he/she does not wish/want; they do not wish/want (not to wish or want)


  37. virnow


  38. Fer/Ferte auxilium!Bring help! Help!


  39. timet, timent (timēre)he/she sees; they see (to see)


  40. dēscendit, dēscendunt (dēscendere)he/she welcomes; they welcome (to welcome)


  41. Minime!No! Not at all!


  42. eumman


  43. Abī moleste!Alas!


  44. docet, docent (docēre)he/she goes out; they go out (to go out)


  45. salūtat, salūtant (salūtāre)he/she greets; they greet (to greet)


  46. if


  47. excipit, excipiunt (excipere)he/she makes/does; they make/do (to make or do)


  48. Quī...?Who...? (pl.)


  49. lentēall


  50. omnia quaewater


  51. respondet, respondent (respondēre)he/she replies; they reply (to reply)


  52. videt, vident (vidēre)he/she sits; they sit (to sit)


  53. redit, redeunt (redīre)he/she returns; they return (to return)


  54. parat, parant (parāre)he/she carries; they carry (to carry)


  55. fūrtimnot yet


  56. adiuvat, adiuvant (adiuvāre)he/she helps; they help (to help)


  57. sōlus, sōlano longer


  58. nōnnot


  59. Dēscende!Come down!


  60. observat, observant (observāre)he/she watches; they watch (to watch)


  61. nūntiusmessenger


  62. strēnuus, strēnuastrenuously, hard


  63. ancillanothing


  64. quoquealso


  65. calidus, calidawarm


  66. nōndumnot yet


  67. eāsthem (fem.)


  68. sedet, sedent (sedēre)he/she sees; they see (to see)


  69. eōsRome


  70. me


  71. cōnsulit, cōnsulunt (cōnsulere)he/she consults; they consult (to consult)


  72. Salvē!often


  73. vōxthem (masc.)


  74. Quid facit...?What is....doing? What


  75. cadit, cadunt (cadere)he/she/ loves; they love (to love)


  76. in hortōsuddenly


  77. Quālis...?What...?


  78. ipsacity


  79. aquawater


  80. saepestatue


  81. revocat, revocant (revocāre)he/she recalls/calls back; they recall/call back (to recall or call back)


  82. statuastatue


  83. pūrgat, pūrgant (pūrgāre)he/she takes care of/looks after; they take care of/look after (to take care of or look after)


  84. egowhen, where


  85. nihilnow


  86. tumat that moment, then


  87. coquit, coquunt (coquere)he/she falls; they fall (to fall)


  88. eiuscity


  89. Rōmānus, RōmānaRoman


  90. patermother


  91. eādemmother


  92. neque...nequealso


  93. arbortree


  94. tamenwhile


  95. dormit, dormiunt (dormīre)he/she sleeps; they sleep (to sleep)


  96. Rōmanow


  97. rīvusstream


  98. quodbecause


  99. puerboy


  100. Quis...?Who...? (sing.)


  101. īnfirmus, īnfirmatired


  102. portat, portant (portāre)he/she carries; they carry (to carry)


  103. adhūcwhile


  104. repellit, repellunt (repellere)he/she replies; they reply (to reply)


  105. fēminawoman


  106. dumwhile


  107. ibithere (location)


  108. vīlla rūsticacountry house and farm


  109. clāmorsenator


  110. Ēheu!Alas!


  111. nequethem (masc.)


  112. mātermother


  113. moxsoon, presently


  114. amat, amant (amāre)he/she/ loves; they love (to love)


  115. frīgidus, frīgidaneighboring, nearby


  116. spectat, spectant (spectāre)he/she watches/looks at; they watch/look at (to watch or look at)


  117. venit, veniunt (venīre)he/she comes; they come (to come)


  118. amīcafriend (masc.)


  119. salvus, salvahappy, glad


  120. prīncepsemperor


  121. legit, legunt (legere)he/she reads; they read (to read)


  122. Rōmamto Rome


  123. ager, agrisimmediately


  124. servushis, her(s)


  125. reprehendit, reprehendunt (reprehendere)he/she blames/scolds; they blame/scold (to blame or scold)


  126. fragorimmediately


  127. ex agrīsfrom/out of the fields


  128. piscīnafishpond


  129. iamnow


  130. vīllaslave-woman


  131. Ita vēro!Be careful!


  132. lūcet (lūcēre)to spin wool


  133. facit, faciunt (facere)he/she reads; they read (to read)


  134. currit, currunt (currere)he/she gets up/rises; they get up/rise (to get up or rise)


  135. trādit, trādunt (trādere)he/she falls; they fall (to fall)


  136. vult, volunt (velle)he/she is; they are (to be)


  137. arripit, arripiunt (arripere)he/she carries; they carry (to carry)


  138. Cavē!Greetings! Hello!


  139. ignāvus, ignāvaalone


  140. sub arboreunder a/the tree


  141. senātormother


  142. sollicitus, sollicitacold


  143. Quid faciunt...?What are...doing?


  144. nōmineby name, named


  145. multī, multaebig, great, large, loud (voice, laugh)


  146. cōnspicit, cōnspiciunt (cōnspicere)he/she catches sight of; they catch sight of (to catch sight of)


  147. temerārius, temerāriarash, reckless, bold


  148. surgit, surgunt (surgere)he/she gets up/rises; they get up/rise (to get up or rise)


  149. ambulat, ambulant (ambulāre)he/she walks; they walk (to walk)


  150. amīcuswolf


  151. rāmusmother


  152. quīwho


  153. Abīte, molestī!Go away, pests!


  154. Quōs...?Whom...? (pl.)


  155. scrībit, scrībunt (scrībere)he/she writes; they write (to write)


  156. sedwhen, where


  157. diēsfood


  158. omnēsall


  159. semperalways


  160. labōrat, labōrant (labōrāre)he/she lives/dwells; they live/dwell (to live or dwell)


  161. epistulahis, her(s)


  162. -neand


  163. nōn iamno longer


  164. aestāsif


  165. dēfessus, dēfessatroublesome, annoying


  166. if


  167. petit, petunt (petere)he/she looks for/seeks; they look for/seek (to look for or seek)


  168. audit, audiunt (audīre)he/she returns; they return (to return)


  169. etand


  170. vexat, vexant (vexāre)he/she annoys; they annoy (to annoy)


  171. puellagirl


  172. dūcit (dūcere)it is light/day (to be light/day)


  173. pictūrapicture


  174. potest, possunt (posse)he/she wishes/wants; they wish/want (to wish/want)


  175. statimimmediately


  176. strēnuēbranch


  177. etiamalso, even


  178. perterritus, perterritaanxious, worried


  179. prope rīvumgarden


  180. lupuswolf


  181. nuncbecause


  182. occupātus, occupātabusy


  183. ubinow


  184. silvawoods, forest


  185. alter, alterafield, fields


  186. Eugepae!Hurray!


  187. hortustoday


  188. appropinquat, appropinquant (appropinquāre)he/she approaches; they approach (to approach)


  189. clāmat, clāmant (clāmāre)he/she shouts; they shout (to shout)


  190. habitat, habitant (habitāre)he/she greets; they greet (to greet)


  191. tandemat last, at length


  192. ascendit, ascendunt (ascendere)he/she climbs; they climb (to climb)


  193. Ecce!also, even


  194. molestuspest


  195. brevī temporesenator


  196. per vīllamthe same