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  1. turba, -aecrowd, mob


  2. induo, induere, indui, indutusto hire


  3. lectica, -aeSenate House


  4. quies, quietisrest


  5. mirus, -a, -umwonderful, marvelous


  6. curro, currere, cucurri, cursurusto put on


  7. multa et miramany wonderful things


  8. ferentthey will carry


  9. undiquefirst


  10. ducamI will take


  11. virilis, -is, -ewonderful, marvelous


  12. consido, considere, consedito sit down


  13. se quieti dareto rest


  14. conduco, conducere, conduxi, conductusto hire


  15. interdiuthey will carry


  16. domumI will take


  17. advenio, advenire, adveni, adventurusto do, drive


  18. gaudium, -iSenate House


  19. ago, agere, egi, actusto do, drive


  20. strepitusnoise, clattering


  21. eothere, to that place


  22. Curia, -aecrowd, mob


  23. descendo, descendere, descendi, descensurusto come, go down/climb down


  24. stupeo, -ere, -uito be amazed, gape


  25. huc illucon all sides


  26. videbuntthey will carry


  27. primumhomeward, home


  28. curaboI will take


  29. maximus, -a, -umgreatest, very great