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  1. quemwhich


  2. viderathe had seen


  3. clausus, -a, -umshut, closed


  4. lego, legere, legi, lectusto read


  5. simulacas soon as


  6. aedifico, -are, -avi, atusto read


  7. redieritishe had seen


  8. ludi, -orumshut, closed


  9. occurro, occurrere, occurri, occursurusto meet, encounter


  10. aestufrom the heat


  11. arcusarch


  12. licet, licere, licuitbook


  13. liber, libribook


  14. circumeo, circumire, circumivi (or circumii), circumitusto meet, encounter


  15. Mons Palatinus, Montis Palatinimass, huge bulk


  16. advenerantthey had arrived


  17. attonitus, -a, -umastonished, astounded


  18. moles, molis, molium (gen. pl.)mass, huge bulk