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  • gata


    aș, ai, ar, am, ați, ar

    should / would

    Aș merge la teatru

    I should go to the theater

    Am cumpărăm muncare.

    We should buy food.

    eu aș

    I should

    tu ai

    you should

    noi am

    we should

    el / ea ar

    he / she should

    voi ați

    You should

    ei / ele ar

    they should

    a fi

    to be

    a găsi

    to find

    a hotărî

    to decide

    a lua

    to take

    a lucra

    to work

    a merge

    to go

    a opri

    to stop

    a pleca

    to leave

    a putea

    to be able to

    a rezolva

    to resolve

    a sta

    to stay

    a urî

    to hate

    a vedea

    to see

    a veni

    to come

    a vorbi

    to speak

    a alerga

    to run

    a avea

    to have

    a citi

    to read

    a pune

    to put

    a traduce

    to translate

    a locui

    to sive

    a schimba

    to change

    a da

    to give

    a vrea

    to want

    a tăcea

    to be silent

    a face

    to do

    a ajunge la

    to reach / get to / arrive at

    a bea

    to drink

    a mânca

    to eat

    a costa

    to cost

    a utiliza

    to use

    a spune

    to say

    a cumpăra

    to buy

    a vinde

    to sell

    a deschide

    to open

    a închide

    to close

    a întreba

    to ask

    a răspunde

    to answer

    a discuta

    to discuss

    a urca

    to get into / to get on

    a coborî

    to get out of / get off

    a intra

    to enter

    a ieși

    to get out

    informație / informații

    information / pieces of information

    sfat / sfaturi

    advice / pieces of advice

    bagaj / bagaje

    luggage / pieces of luggage

    știre / știri

    news / news

    ban / bani

    penny / money

    ghinion / ghioane

    bad luck / bad luck

    un pache de

    a packet of

    o cutie de

    a box of

    o pereche de

    a pair of

    un buchet de

    a bunch of

    un coirchine de

    a bunch of grapes

    un baton de

    bar of

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