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  • a (se) căsători

    to marry

    a (se) culca

    to go to sleep

    a (se) distra

    to enjoy (to have fun)

    a (se) îmbrăca

    to get dressed

    a (se) încălța

    to put on shoes

    a (se) mișca

    to move

    a (se) schimba

    to change

    a (se) scula

    to rise

    a (se) spăla

    to wash

    a (se) trezi

    to wake up

    a acoperi

    to cover

    a acorda

    to give

    a aduce

    to bring

    a afla

    to find out (to know)

    a ajunge

    to arrive

    a ajuta

    to help

    a alege

    to choose

    a alerga

    to run

    a apărea

    to appear

    a aprinde

    to turn on (to light)

    a arăta

    to show

    a auzi

    to hear

    a avea

    to have

    a bate

    to hit

    a bea

    to drink

    a cădea

    to fall

    a călări

    to ride a horse

    a călători

    to travel

    a cânta

    to sing

    a căuta

    to look for

    a cere

    to ask

    a cina

    to have dinner

    a citi

    to read

    a coace

    to bake

    a coase

    to sow

    a coborî

    to go down

    a conduce

    to drive (to manage)

    a construi

    to build

    a crea

    to create

    a crește

    to grow up (to raise)

    a cumpăra

    to buy

    a curăța

    to clean

    a da

    to give

    a dansa

    to dance

    a deschide

    to open

    a desena

    to draw

    a discuta

    to discuss

    a dormi

    to sleep

    a duce

    to carry (to lead, to go)

    a face

    to do, to make

    a fi

    to be

    a fierbe

    to boil

    a fotografia

    to take a picture

    a fugi

    to run

    a fuma

    to smoke

    a gândi

    to think

    a găsi

    to find

    a găti

    to cook

    a hotărî

    to decide

    a ieși

    to go out

    a împleti

    to knit

    a înțelege

    to understand

    a întoarce

    to return

    a intra

    to enter

    a învăța

    to learn (sometimes to teach)

    a juca

    to play

    a locui

    to live

    a lovi

    to hit

    a lua

    to take

    a lucra

    to work

    a mânca

    to eat

    a mătura

    to sweep

    a menține

    to maintain

    a merge

    to go

    a munci

    to work

    a ninge

    to snow

    a opri

    to switch off

    a organiza

    to organize

    a părea

    to look like

    a petrece

    to spend (time)

    a picta

    to paint pictures

    a pierde

    to lose

    a pleca

    to leave

    a ploua

    to rain

    a porni

    to switch on

    a povesti

    to tell a story

    a preda

    to teach

    a primi

    to receive

    a privi

    to watch

    a purta

    to wear

    a putea


    a rade

    to shave

    a râde

    to laugh

    a rupe

    to break (in half)

    a scrie

    to write

    a se gândi

    to think about

    a servi

    to serve

    a sparge

    to break (in many pieces)

    a spune

    to say (to tell)

    a sta

    to stay

    a șterge

    to wipe (clean)

    a ști

    to know

    a stinge

    to turn off (to put out)

    a tăcea

    to keep quiet

    a ține

    to hold

    a trage

    to pull

    a trata

    to treat

    a trebui

    to have to (must)

    a trece

    to go through

    a tunde

    to cut (hair or grass)

    a urî

    to hate

    a vedea

    to see (short time)

    a veni

    to come

    a vinde

    to sell

    a visa

    to dream

    a vizita

    to visit

    a vorbi

    to speak

    a vrea

    to want (informal)

    a-i plăcea

    to like

    a deveni

    to become

    a întârzia

    to delay

    a rămâne

    to remain

    a completa

    to fill in

    a participa

    to participate

    a durea

    to hurt (to feel pain)

    a pregăti

    to prepare

    a traduce

    to translate

    a cunoaște

    to know

    a pierde

    to lose

    a însemna

    to mean

    a pune

    to put

    a folosi

    to use

    a reveni

    to come back

    a include

    to include

    a conține

    to include (ingredients, objects)

    a încerca

    to try

    a muta

    to move (farther than mișca)

    a răsare

    to rise (sun, plants)

    a apune

    to set (sun) (also used metaphrically)

    a părăsi

    to leave

    a freca

    to rub

    a strecura

    to strain

    a bucura

    to be glad

    a trimite

    to send

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