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  • a spune

    to say

    a vrea

    to want

    a mânca

    to eat

    a bea

    to drink

    a dormi

    to sleep

    a mulţumi

    to thank

    a merge

    to go, to walk, to operate

    a visa

    to dream

    a găti

    to cook

    a zâmbi

    to smile

    a trezi

    to wake up

    a şti

    to know, to comprehend

    a crede

    to believe, to think

    a putea

    can, be able to

    a veni

    to come, to arrive

    a întreba

    to ask

    a spăla

    to wash

    a ţine

    to hold, to carry

    a locui

    to reside, to live, to dwell

    a scrie

    to write

    a iubi

    to love

    a săruta

    to kiss

    a îmbrăţişa

    to hug, to embrace

    a simţi

    to feel, to sense

    a plânge

    to cry, to weep, to mourn, to complain

    a da

    to give, to offer, to reward

    a dori

    to desire, to want

    a trimite

    to send, to ship

    a primi

    to receive, to accept, to get

    a lua

    to take, to seize

    a vizita

    to visit

    a vinde

    to sell

    a cumpăra

    to buy, to purchase

    a schimba

    to change, to exchange

    a răspunde

    to answer, to respond

    a ajuta

    to help

    a suna

    to call, to ring, to sound

    a alege

    to choose

    a deveni

    to become, to turn into

    a auzi

    to hear

    a vorbi

    to speak, to talk

    a vedea

    to see

    a ajunge

    to arrive

    a aduce

    to bring

    a cânta

    to sing

    a invita

    to invite

    a găsi

    to find, to discover

    a deschide

    to open

    a închide

    to close, to shut down

    a durea

    to hurt, to be sore

    a râde

    to laugh

    a purta

    to wear

    a înţelege

    to understand

    a folosi

    to use, to make use of

    a citi

    to read

    a usca

    to dry, to wipe

    a sări

    to jump, to leap, to spring

    a parca

    to park

    a prefera

    to prefer, to favor

    a învăţa

    to learn, to master, to teach

    a ghici

    to guess, to foresee

    a se grăbi

    to hurry, to rush

    a întârzia

    to be late, to be delayed

    a încerca

    to try, to attempt

    a ascunde

    to hide, to conceal

    a asculta

    to listen to, to obey

    a arăta

    to show, to exhibit, to prove

    a striga

    to call, to shout

    a cere

    to ask for, to demand

    a cheltui

    to spend

    a începe

    to start, to begin

    a reuşi

    to succeed, to be successful

    a număra

    to count, to number

    a plăcea

    to like

    a pleca

    to leave, to depart

    a căuta

    to look for, to search, to seek

    a ameninţa

    to threaten, to menace

    a câştiga

    to win, to gain

    a pierde

    to lose

    a despărţi

    to separate, to split

    a ridica

    to raise, to lift, to pick up

    a se întâlni

    to meet, to encounter

    a se hotărî

    to decide

    a creşte

    to grow, to bring up

    a arde

    to burn, to ignite

    a urca

    to climb, to mount

    a uita

    to forget

    a trăi

    to live, to be alive

    a speria

    to frighten, to scare

    a promite

    to promise

    a acoperi

    to cover

    a aştepta

    to wait, to expect

    a culca

    put to bed, lay down

    a fura

    to steal, to rob, to kidnap

    a încălzi

    to warm, to heat

    a vărsa

    to spill, to pour, to vomit, to shed

    a trudi

    to toil, to work hard, to torture

    a obosi

    to get tired

    a lucra

    to work

    a odihni

    to rest

    a vindeca

    to heal, to cure, to treat

    a uita

    to look, to forget

    a păstra

    to keep, to preserve, to store, to save

    a striga

    to shout, to call, to cry out

    a atinge

    to touch, to reach, to tap, to meet, to hit

    a surprinde

    to surprise, to startle, to strike

    a afla

    to find out, to discover, to learn, to hear

    a pluti

    to float, to glide, to hover

    a sta

    to stay, to remain, to stand, to sit, to linger, to abide

    a se pregăti

    to prepare, to make ready, to train

    a apăsa

    to press, to push, to tap

    a împărți

    to share, to divide, to allot

    a se juca

    to play

    a sparge

    to break, to burst, to shatter, to snap

    a se îmbăta

    to get drunk

    a agita

    to shake, to agitate, to disturb, to excite, to stir

    a muta

    to move

    a plăti

    to pay

    a agăța

    to hang, to hook, to stick, to afix, to cling, to snag

    a învârti

    to twist, to turn, to spin, to rotate

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