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  1. elhe


  2. Bună ziua, doamnă.Good day, Ma'am.


  3. Cu plăcere.Goodbye.
    (To reseeing.)


  4. Ce mai faci?What's up?
    (What more you say?)


  5. Numele meu este...My name is...
    (Myself I name...)


  6. O zi bună.Have a good day.
    (A good day.)


  7. Încântat de cunoştinţa.What is your name?
    (You, how yourself you name?)


  8. Pa!she


  9. Trist.Sad.


  10. Pe curând.See you tomorrow.
    (By tomorrow.)


  11. Tu cum te numeşti?My name is...
    (Myself I name...)


  12. Bună dimineaţa, domnişoară.Good morning, Miss.


  13. Mă numesc...My name is...
    (Myself I name...)


  14. Ceau!I


  15. Ferecit.Happy.


  16. Excelent.Hello.


  17. Noapte bună, Domnule.Have a good day.
    (A good day.)


  18. Salut.Sad.


  19. Ce mai zici?How are you?
    (What more you do?)


  20. euI


  21. Ai grijă de tine.You're welcome.
    (With pleasure.)


  22. La revedere.Goodbye.
    (To reseeing.)


  23. Pe mâine.See you tomorrow.
    (By tomorrow.)


  24. eashe


  25. Şi eu sunt bine.See you tomorrow.
    (By tomorrow.)


  26. Bine. Tu?I'm fine. And you?
    (Well. You?)


  27. elehe


  28. Aşa şi aşa.What's up?
    (What more you say?)


  29. Rău.Ciao!


  30. Rămas bun.Farewell.
    (Remaining well.)