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  1. Allow me to pay
  2. What would you recommend?
  3. I'd like a table for three, please
  4. And for the main course?
  5. And for my husband, the...
  6. Let me order for you
  7. Are you ready to order?
  8. Please, keep the change
  9. Here's the menu
  10. And as a side dish?
  11. I'd like a table near the window, please
  12. What restaurant do you recommend near my hotel?
  13. It's one of my favourite restaurants
  14. What would you like to start with?
  15. I've reserved a table under the name John
  16. I'm on a diet
  17. Anything else, madam?
  18. And for my wife, the...
  19. And for dessert?
  20. Let's have some starters first
  21. We haven't decided yet
  22. This isn't what we ordered
  23. Could you bring us a bottle of...?
  24. Could we pay, please?
  25. I would recommend...
  26. Waiter, we have been waiting a long time
  27. Anything else, sir?
  28. Cheers
  29. That would be all, thank-you
  30. I'll have the..., please
  31. I'd like to book a table, please
  32. May I take your order now?
  33. This table is taken
  34. What would you like to drink?
  35. Did you enjoy your meal?
  36. I'm vegetarian
  37. Thank-you very much for inviting me
  38. This table is free
  39. Have you been here before?
  40. Could we have the bill, please?