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35 Multiple choice questions

  1. I'd like to speak to ... please
  2. Could you connect me with ...?
  3. May I use your telephone?
  4. Hold the line, please
  5. I'll connect you / I'll put you trough
  6. A long - distance call to ... please
  7. The area code
  8. Can you give me the phone directory ... please?
  9. Hang on, please!
  10. You've got the wrong number
  11. Just a moment, please!
  12. I need to make a phone call
  13. What number do I dial for...?
  14. Could I have a word with...?
  15. What does a call to ... cost?
  16. Who's speaking?
  17. I must call my friends
  18. Just a minute!
  19. I'll call you back
  20. Where can I make a telephone call?
  21. Directory Enquiries
  22. It's a bad line
  23. What does a local call cost?
  24. Do you have a mobile?
  25. Where is the nearest telephone box?
  26. What's you number?
  27. The line is busy
  28. What time does the cheap rate start?
  29. Text me
  30. There's no reply
  31. I'll try again later
  32. I'd like to make a reversed charge call to Paris
  33. The extension number
  34. Can I take a message, please?
  35. This is ... speaking