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  1. to burn, to ignite
  2. to help
  3. to shout, to call, to cry out
  4. to open
  5. to sell
  6. to count, to number
  7. to visit
  8. to get tired
  9. to cover
  10. to hide, to conceal
  11. to rest
  12. to give, to offer, to reward
  13. to thank
  14. to keep, to preserve, to store, to save
  15. to surprise, to startle, to strike
  16. to be late, to be delayed
  17. to warm, to heat
  18. to raise, to lift, to pick up
  19. to steal, to rob, to kidnap
  20. to use, to make use of
  21. to grow, to bring up
  22. to change, to exchange
  23. to receive, to accept, to get
  24. to call, to shout
  25. to try, to attempt
  26. to close, to shut down
  27. to answer, to respond
  28. to sing
  29. to believe, to think
  30. to press, to push, to tap
  31. to look, to forget
  32. to break, to burst, to shatter, to snap
  33. to eat
  34. to laugh
  35. to get drunk
  36. to ask
  37. to work
  38. to love
  39. to float, to glide, to hover
  40. to promise
  41. to take, to seize
  42. to reside, to live, to dwell
  43. to spend
  44. to lose
  45. to choose
  46. to prepare, to make ready, to train
  47. to hug, to embrace
  48. to guess, to foresee
  49. to invite
  50. to pay
  51. to hold, to carry
  52. to like
  53. to learn, to master, to teach
  54. to prefer, to favor
  55. to frighten, to scare
  56. to toil, to work hard, to torture
  57. to become, to turn into
  58. to smile
  59. to kiss
  60. ...
  61. to come, to arrive
  62. to wear
  63. to cook
  64. to see
  65. to understand
  66. to heal, to cure, to treat
  67. to ask for, to demand
  68. to cry, to weep, to mourn, to complain
  69. to separate, to split
  70. to meet, to encounter
  71. to dream
  72. to jump, to leap, to spring
  73. to bring
  74. to know, to comprehend
  75. to buy, to purchase
  76. to twist, to turn, to spin, to rotate
  77. to climb, to mount
  78. to wash
  79. to look for, to search, to seek
  80. to forget
  81. to write
  82. to threaten, to menace
  83. to win, to gain
  84. put to bed, lay down
  85. to stay, to remain, to stand, to sit, to linger, to abide
  86. to wake up
  87. to park
  88. to show, to exhibit, to prove
  89. to decide
  90. to hurt, to be sore
  91. to succeed, to be successful
  92. to read
  93. to say
  94. to send, to ship
  95. to leave, to depart
  96. to arrive
  97. to touch, to reach, to tap, to meet, to hit
  98. to start, to begin
  99. to share, to divide, to allot
  100. to sleep
  101. to dry, to wipe
  102. to spill, to pour, to vomit, to shed
  103. to call, to ring, to sound
  104. to go, to walk, to operate
  105. to want
  106. to hang, to hook, to stick, to afix, to cling, to snag
  107. to hurry, to rush
  108. to find, to discover
  109. to find out, to discover, to learn, to hear
  110. to drink
  111. to live, to be alive
  112. to desire, to want
  113. to move
  114. to wait, to expect
  115. to hear
  116. to play
  117. to feel, to sense
  118. can, be able to
  119. to shake, to agitate, to disturb, to excite, to stir
  120. to speak, to talk
  121. to listen to, to obey