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  1. a cereto go, to walk, to operate


  2. a invitato look, to forget


  3. a plecato dry, to wipe


  4. a sărutato kiss


  5. a sunato say


  6. a ridicato visit


  7. a ajungeto say


  8. a speriato frighten, to scare


  9. a vedeato see


  10. a apăsato press, to push, to tap


  11. a se îmbătato wash


  12. a stato dry, to wipe


  13. a spuneto call, to ring, to sound


  14. a plângeto sing


  15. a trimiteto receive, to accept, to get


  16. a preferato see


  17. a mergeto burn, to ignite


  18. a numărato buy, to purchase


  19. a sărito jump, to leap, to spring


  20. a ştito read


  21. a trăito live, to be alive


  22. a urcato park


  23. a uitato stay, to remain, to stand, to sit, to linger, to abide


  24. a purtato steal, to rob, to kidnap


  25. a ardeto burn, to ignite


  26. a încălzito be late, to be delayed


  27. a aşteptato show, to exhibit, to prove


  28. a mulţumito thank


  29. a furato take, to seize


  30. a citito forget


  31. a dureato hurt, to be sore


  32. a venito want


  33. a schimbato change, to exchange


  34. a mâncato eat


  35. a plăceato leave, to depart


  36. a puteato park


  37. a spargeto break, to burst, to shatter, to snap


  38. a vindeto sell


  39. a simţito feel, to sense


  40. a dato forget


  41. a vreato climb, to mount


  42. a căutato look for, to search, to seek


  43. a împărțito separate, to split


  44. a plutito pay


  45. a dorito desire, to want


  46. a deschideto become, to turn into


  47. a atingeto sell


  48. a agățato hang, to hook, to stick, to afix, to cling, to snag


  49. a primito receive, to accept, to get


  50. a auzito love


  51. a iubito love


  52. a întrebato try, to attempt


  53. a mutato take, to seize


  54. a se grăbito hurry, to rush


  55. a vărsato dream


  56. a ţineto hold, to carry


  57. a scrieto write


  58. a gătito find, to discover


  59. a despărţito separate, to split


  60. a cumpărato buy, to purchase


  61. a agitato read


  62. a găsito find, to discover


  63. a se jucato look for, to search, to seek


  64. a uitato read


  65. a ascundeto write


  66. a plătito pay


  67. a lucrato work


  68. a pierdeto lose


  69. a odihnito rest


  70. a încercato try, to attempt


  71. a vindecato see


  72. a ameninţato threaten, to menace


  73. a zâmbito sing


  74. a ascultato wear


  75. a trezito live, to be alive


  76. a ghicito receive, to accept, to get


  77. a locuito reside, to live, to dwell


  78. a arătato show, to exhibit, to prove


  79. a surprindeto say


  80. a îmbrăţişato hug, to embrace


  81. a devenito become, to turn into


  82. a acoperito cover


  83. a luato take, to seize


  84. a obosito get tired


  85. a aduceto burn, to ignite


  86. a cheltuito use, to make use of


  87. a se întâlnito meet, to encounter


  88. a se pregătito prepare, to make ready, to train


  89. a învăţato warm, to heat


  90. a parcato burn, to ignite


  91. a învârtito twist, to turn, to spin, to rotate


  92. a trudito live, to be alive


  93. a începeto ask for, to demand


  94. a închideto close, to shut down


  95. a promiteto receive, to accept, to get


  96. a înţelegeto start, to begin


  97. a reuşito succeed, to be successful


  98. a creşteto grow, to bring up


  99. a râdeto sell


  100. a uscaput to bed, lay down


  101. a câştigato win, to gain


  102. a dormito sleep


  103. a credeto believe, to think


  104. a răspundeto answer, to respond


  105. a strigato call, to shout


  106. a vizitato look, to forget


  107. a cântato eat


  108. a strigato stay, to remain, to stand, to sit, to linger, to abide


  109. a vorbito want


  110. a culcaput to bed, lay down


  111. a păstrato keep, to preserve, to store, to save


  112. a folosito desire, to want


  113. a beato give, to offer, to reward


  114. a întârziato be late, to be delayed


  115. a visato call, to ring, to sound


  116. a se hotărîto decide


  117. a spălato wash


  118. a ajutato bring


  119. a alegeto choose


  120. Vei cânta astazi? Dacă da... Spor la cantat!to listen to, to obey


  121. a aflato want