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  1. "yoo" like in "universe", pronounced like english word "you"
  2. "beh" like in "bat"
  3. "eeh" like in "bit" or "ill"
  4. soft sign, makes previous letter soft like "pew" (Try inflecting a very slight "y" sound onto letter before it.)
  5. "keh" like in "kitten" or "kangaroo"
  6. "duh" like in "dog"
  7. "shuh" like in "shut"
  8. "seh" like in "see"
  9. "heh" like in "hello", often pronounced like "chk" in "bach"
  10. "yah" like in "yonder"
  11. used for diphthongs like "oy" in "boy" or "i" in "sigh"
  12. "fuh" like in "fat"
  13. "luh" like in "love"
  14. "ts" like in "sits" or "its"
  15. Pronounced like "shuh" but with your tongue on the roof of your mouth. Try putting your tongue in the same position as you would to say "ch" but say "sh" instead. English speakers may find it hard to define the difference between "ш" and "щ"
  16. "chuh" like in "chips" or "church"
  17. hard sign, rarely used, indicates slight pause between syllables
  18. "teh" like in "tap"
  19. "puh" like in "pot"
  20. "yeh" like in "yes"
  21. "ee" like in "see"
  22. rolled "ruh" like in "run"
  23. "eh" like in "fed"
  24. "meh" like in "man"
  25. "zuh" like in "zoo"
  26. "nuh" like in "no"
  27. "zjuh" like in "measure" or "pleasure" or "fusion" OR like in "beige"
  28. "oo" like in "boot" or "root"
  29. "ah" like in "father" or "car"
  30. "veh" like in "vet"
  31. "guh" like in "go"
  32. "yah" like in "yard"
  33. stressed: "oh" like in "bore" unstressed: like "a"
  1. a А а
  2. b Д д
  3. c Ц ц
  4. d С с
  5. e Ш ш
  6. f Э э
  7. g П п
  8. h М м
  9. i Б б
  10. j Е е
  11. k З з
  12. l Ы ы
  13. m Н н
  14. n Ю ю
  15. o У у
  16. p К к
  17. q Г г
  18. r Ё ё
  19. s Ф ф
  20. t Ъ ъ
  21. u В в
  22. v Ь ь
  23. w Ж ж
  24. x Я я
  25. y Х х
  26. z O o
  27. aa Щ щ
  28. ab Р р
  29. ac Ч ч
  30. ad Л л
  31. ae Й й
  32. af Т т
  33. ag И и