Samoan Peace Corp Language: and Gagana Samoa: A Samoan Language Coursebook (Revised Edition 2009) by: Galumalemana Afeleti Hunkin


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  • everyday samoan

    gagana o aso uma

    Source: (SPCL 5)

    orator language

    gagana fa'afuilauga

    Source: (SPCL 5)

    polite language

    gagana fa'aaloalo

    Source: (SPCL 5)

    What is everyday Samoan?

    The simplest conversational form of Samoan learned by children, taught in schools and used daily.

    Source: (SPCL 5)

    What is orator language?

    This language is used by matai in their meetings and orators in their speeches. It is also used in some poetry. It has a distinctive vocabulary and uses many proverbs and idioms.

    Source: (SPCL 5)

    What is polite language?

    Polite words are used to show respect for whomever one is talking to or about. These words are used only in relation to someone else and never to refer to the speaker or his possessions. The polite language is used by adults or young people to adults but not vice versa.

    Source: (SPCL 5)

    "t" language

    tautala sa'o

    Source: (SPCL 5)

    "k" language

    tautala sesē

    Source: (SPCL 5)

    What is the "t" language?

    The "T" is the original form of Samoan spoken when the first Europeans arrived.

    Source: (SPCL 5)

    What is the "k" language

    The "K" developed as attempts were made by the missionaries to write the language down.

    Source: (SPCL 5)

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