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9529 General Sicilian Verbs MATCHING.htm
9530 General Sicilian Verbs MULTIPLE CHOICE.htm
9531 General Sicilian Verbs STUDY SET.htm
9532 General Sicilian Verbs TRUE OR FALSE.htm
9533 italian chapter 12, 13, 14 MATCHING.htm
9534 italian chapter 12, 13, 14 MULTIPLE CHOICE.htm
9535 italian chapter 12, 13, 14 STUDY SET.htm
9536 italian chapter 12, 13, 14 TRUE OR FALSE.htm
9537 Sicilian 1 MATCHING.htm
9538 Sicilian 1 MULTIPLE CHOICE.htm
9539 Sicilian 1 STUDY SET.htm
9540 Sicilian 2 MATCHING.htm
9541 Sicilian 2 MULTIPLE CHOICE.htm
9542 Sicilian 2 STUDY SET.htm
9543 Sicilian 2 TRUE OR FALSE.htm
9544 Sicilian Adjectives MATCHING.htm
9545 Sicilian Adjectives MULTIPLE CHOICE.htm
9546 Sicilian Adjectives STUDY SET.htm
9547 Sicilian Adjectives TRUE OR FALSE.htm
9548 Sicilian culture STUDY SET.htm
9549 Sicilian Swadesh List MATCHING.htm
9550 Sicilian Swadesh List MULTIPLE CHOICE.htm
9551 Sicilian Swadesh List STUDY SET.htm
9552 Sicilian Swadesh List TRUE OR FALSE.htm
9553 Sicilian TRUE OR FALSE.htm
9554 Sicilian Vocabulary MATCHING.htm
9555 Sicilian Vocabulary MULTIPLE CHOICE.htm
9556 Sicilian Vocabulary STUDY SET.htm
9557 Sicilian Vocabulary TRUE OR FALSE.htm