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  • When were the first cities in Siliy discovered?

    2650 B.C.

    Sicily is the ________________ of Greek civilization


    Sicily was a monarchy state


    Who was the most famous Sicilian intellectual?


    There are more well preserved_________in Sicily than in Greece


    The first Punic War took place in what century?

    3rd century

    Siciliy came under the _________of Rome.


    Rome have allowed the island to become the most important_____________area of the Roman world

    agriculture production

    At the fall of the Roman Empire, Sicily came under control of whom?


    Prior to the last question, what century was that in?

    8th century after Christ

    In what cenutry did the Muslims conquer Sicily?

    9th century after Christ

    Was Muslim civilization more advance than in Europe?


    Sicily progressed a lot under the Muslims in what two fields?

    Economy and arts

    In the 11th century, who conquered Sicily?
    *hint think of the D-Day Invasion


    Sicily was mostly Muslim


    In the 1800's, who ruled Sicily after the Normans?

    Spanish kings

    The Spanish government had a large what?


    In 1860, Sicily was conquered by General who?

    Giuseppe Garibaldi

    On behalf of the King of where?


    In 2012 was the 150 anniversary of the unification of Italy


    One of the most beautiful Italian films of all time was?

    The Leopard, which Sicily passed by the Spanish to the kingdom of Italy.

    What year did Sicily become part of the united Italy?


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