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  1. ponerse
    to put on


  2. entrenarse
    to work out


  3. afeitarse
    to comb your hair


  4. mantenerse en forma (ie)
    to stay in shape


  5. acostarse (ue)
    to go to bed


  6. despertarse (ie)
    to get dressed


  7. quitarse
    to shave


  8. levantarse
    to wash


  9. relajarse
    to get ready


  10. peinarse
    to shave


  11. prepararse
    to get ready


  12. bañarse
    to bathe


  13. vestirse (i)
    to get dressed


  14. estirarse
    to stretch


  15. lavarse
    to wash


  16. secarse
    to wash


  17. maquillarse
    to put on make up