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  1. I am a man
  2. This is a house
  3. A girl and a flower
  4. A girl and flowers
  5. This is a tree
  6. A boy and a tree
  7. I am a boy
  8. A man and a car
  9. This is a car
  10. These are coins
  11. A woman and a car
  12. These are buildings
  13. We are boys
  14. A girl and a house
  15. A man and a truck
  16. A man and a wallet
  17. Boys and trees
  18. We are men
  19. A woman and a purse
  20. We are girls
  21. I am a woman
  22. A man and a boy
  23. These are trees
  24. A woman and a man
  25. These are not gold coins
  26. We are women
  27. These are flowers
  28. This is not a silver coin
  29. These are houses
  30. This is a flower
  31. This is a coin
  32. These are cars
  33. A tree and a building
  34. This is a building
  35. This is not a gold coin
  36. I am a girl
  37. These are not silver coins