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  1. She is a secretary
  2. He is a doctor
  3. I am a doctor
  4. I am a mechanic
  5. I am a secretary
  6. I am a bus driver
  7. I am a scientist
  8. I am a teacher
  9. He is a bus driver
  10. She is a nurse
  11. He is a scientist
  12. I am a chef
  13. I am a mailman
  14. I am a nurse
  15. He is a mailman
  16. I am a manager
  17. He is a student
  18. He is a mechanic
  19. I am a student
  20. He is a manager
  21. She is a teacher
  22. I am a police officer
  23. He is a chef
  24. He is a police officer