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  1. The boy is in the box
  2. a lamp
  3. The coffee is on the table
  4. a book
  5. The lamp is on the table
  6. The girl is on the box
  7. a box
  8. I am on the couch
  9. The woman is in the car
  10. The flowers are in the box
  11. I am at the table
  12. The woman is on the couch
  13. I am on the bus
  14. coffee
  15. money
  16. I am in the car
  17. The woman is in the chair
  18. The woman is on the car
  19. food
  20. I am on the car
  21. The food is on the table
  22. The money is on the table
  23. The flowers are on the table
  24. The men are at the table
  25. The woman is at the table
  26. The money is in the wallet
  27. candy
  28. I am at the door
  29. The managers are at the table
  30. a couch
  31. The boxes are on the table
  32. I am at the house
  33. The candy is in the box
  34. I am in bed
  35. a chair
  36. a table
  37. The man is on the table
  38. a bed
  39. a pen