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  1. I am running.
  2. I am sitting.
  3. I am standing.
  4. She is drinking.
  5. I am reading.
  6. I am sitting. I am not standing.
  7. They are playing.
  8. I am not reading. I am writing.
  9. The girls are playing.
  10. The boy is eating.
  11. The man is walking.
  12. I am walking.
  13. The man is drinking.
  14. I am not running. I am walking.
  15. The man is working.
  16. I am not walking. I am running.
  17. I am writing.
  18. The man is sitting.
  19. The women are working.
  20. He is eating.
  21. I am crying.
  22. They are working.
  23. The woman is eating.
  24. He is walking.
  25. The man is standing.
  26. I am not writing. I am reading.
  27. He is drinking.
  28. She is writing.
  29. I am standing. I am not sitting.
  30. He is working.
  31. I am smiling.
  32. The woman is running.
  33. She is eating.
  34. She is reading.
  35. The girl is drinking.
  36. I am crying. I am not smiling.
  37. I am smiling. I am not crying
  38. The woman is sleeping.
  39. She is sleeping.