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  1. Jag lerI am smiling.


  2. Jag sitterI am standing.


  3. Han går.I am walking.


  4. Jag stårI am walking.


  5. Jag gråter. Jag ler inte.I am crying. I am not smiling.


  6. Hon skriverShe is writing.


  7. Mannen dricker.He is drinking.


  8. Flickorna lekerThe girls are playing.


  9. Jag går inte. Jag springer.I am not reading. I am writing.


  10. Han drickerHe is drinking.


  11. Mannen sitterThe man is standing.


  12. Mannen gårThe man is walking.


  13. Kvinnan soverThe woman is sleeping.


  14. Jag står. Jag sitter inte.I am sitting. I am not standing.


  15. Jag gråterI am crying.


  16. Mannen stårThe man is walking.


  17. Mannen arbetarHe is working.


  18. Hon äterShe is eating.


  19. Flickan drickerHe is drinking.


  20. Jag skriver inte. Jag läser.I am not writing. I am reading.


  21. Jag ler. Jag gråter inte.I am sitting. I am not standing.


  22. Jag läser inte. Jag skriver.I am not reading. I am writing.


  23. Jag skriverI am writing.


  24. Jag sitter. Jag står inte.I am sitting. I am not standing.


  25. Jag läserShe is reading.


  26. Jag går.I am walking.


  27. Hon läserShe is eating.


  28. Kvinnan springerThe woman is running.


  29. De leker.They are working.


  30. Han äter.He is eating.


  31. Hon drickerHe is drinking.


  32. De arbetarThey are working.


  33. Hon soverShe is eating.


  34. Jag springer inte. Jag går.I am not running. I am walking.


  35. Pojken äter.She is eating.


  36. Han arbetarThey are working.


  37. Kvinnorna jobbarThe women are working.


  38. Jag springerI am writing.


  39. Kvinnan äter.The woman is eating.