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  1. dishes
  2. a television
  3. Where is the mirror? It is on the dresser.
  4. What is on the table? A computer.
  5. bathroom
  6. Where is the shirt? It is in the closet.
  7. outside a closet
  8. a mirror
  9. a shower
  10. bedroom
  11. Where is the girl studying? She is studying by the television.
  12. What is in the kitchen sink? Some dishes.
  13. inside a closet
  14. closet
  15. rug
  16. silverware
  17. What is on the bathroom sink? Some flowers.
  18. washing machines
  19. stairs
  20. hallway
  21. Where is the car? It is by the garage.
  22. a toilet
  23. dining room
  24. a dresser and a mirror
  25. a dryer
  26. What is in the closet? Some clothes.
  27. living room
  28. garage
  29. a radio
  30. kitchen
  31. Where are the flowers? They are by the book and the candle.
  32. a bathroom sink and a mirror
  33. wall
  34. Where are the stairs? They are in the living room.
  35. Where is the jacket? It is in the closet.
  36. a kitchen sink
  37. a bookshelf
  38. basement
  39. a computer
  40. Where is the mirror? It is on the tree.