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  1. we (exclusive; ng-class)
  2. my (ng-class)
  3. (marker) used before proper noun
  4. but
  5. for
  6. the, those (specifier)
  7. even if, even though
  8. now, today
  9. here
  10. (non-subject) her, his
  11. I (ang-class)
  12. indicates that an action has completed: now, already (usu. follows action word)
  13. no
  14. he, she; his, hers (ng-class)
  15. there is/are
  16. know
  17. able, capable
  18. non-existence particle: none, absent
  19. The non-focus marker. This marker usually marks things that are not the subject of the sentence (as opposed to ang) and is sometimes the equivalent of the preposition "of". Ni is used before proper names.
  20. question marker
  21. indicates that something has not finished/completed: (adv) yet, still
  22. what
  23. all
  24. definite article, subject marker
  25. this (ang)
  26. person, man
  27. also
  28. (conj) when, whenever, if, during (conjunction used to indicate non-actual occurrences viewed as unreal, hypothetical or repeated.)
  29. they (ang-class)
  30. we (exclusive; ang-class)
  31. because
  32. that
  33. in, at
  34. plural marker
  35. Multiple usages: linker, predicate marker, indefinite article
  36. way of saying "because" or "that's why" (usu. follows the comment)
  37. only, just
  38. respect particle
  39. inversion particle (Doctor ako. > Ako ay doctor.)
  40. really
  41. (a) emphatic particle: truly, really, certainly; (b) request particle: roughly translates commands into more polite requests
  42. or
  43. used to make contrasts; so, likewise, also, too
  44. when
  45. one, each
  46. their, they (ng-class)
  47. your (ng-class pronoun)
  48. you (ang-class pronoun)
  49. he, she (ang-class)
  50. because