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  1. I think you understand all the words in it
  2. a famous book
  3. they make you laugh
  4. must make an effort
  5. so it seems
  6. eating indiscriminately and then having problems
  7. he started to talk
  8. it's slightly understood
  9. it's a bit different
  10. the profession of serving people
  11. I started to read the newspaper
  12. as for where it is
  13. we can get a full understanding
  14. while they are reading (s)
  15. it's a long story
  16. I think that
  17. after they were reading
  18. culture
  19. let's see what it says
  20. I want to go where foreigners don't usually go
  21. before they finish reading (L)
  22. Can you tell me about that
  23. I will walk
  24. spoken style
  25. while they were reading (s)
  26. after they are reading
  27. his house is bigger than my house
  28. while they were reading (p)
  29. thus
  30. haven't seen you so far
  31. while they are reading (p)
  32. I'll be brief
  33. while I was reading the newspaper
  34. should not say
  35. for several days
  36. a lot of research is being done on it
  37. it was hard for me to understand
  38. going to temples is something everyone does
  39. it's not far
  40. until they finish reading
  41. book I didn't read
  42. there's not much difference
  43. how does one get to this place
  44. shall we go out somewhere
  45. it really rained
  46. it is written in detail
  47. I've heard that
  48. continuously speaking tamil, I'm getting used to spoken tamil
  49. it's becoming commercialized
  50. it's better to read than to watch TV
  51. I suffered excessively
  52. must put aside time
  53. only a few words
  54. in this book
  55. if they don't come
  56. before they read
  57. knew a lot
  58. we can use new methods
  59. it's better to be careful
  60. I would say that's the best way
  61. before they finish reading (dat)
  62. if they come
  63. it's because you're thinking that way that I mention it
  64. as far as they read
  65. about places that must be seen
  66. don't eat at just any restaurant
  67. as soon as they read (o)
  68. as soon as they read (d)
  69. it'll be fine
  70. what are you laughing at