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  • Language


    Do you speak Telugu?

    Meeru Telugu maatladthaara?

    Does anyone here speak Telugu?

    Ikkada evaryna Telugu maatladthaara?

    I don't speak Telugu.

    Nenu Telugu maatlaadanu.

    I am learning Telugu.

    Nenu Telugu nerchukuntunnanu.

    How many languages do you speak?

    Meeru enni bhashulu maatladthaaru?

    I speak a little Telugu.

    Nenu kochem Telugu maatladthanu.

    You speak Telugu very well.

    Meeru Telugu chaala bhaaga maatladuthunnaru.

    Where did you learn Telugu?

    Meeru Telugu ekkada nerchukunnaru?

    Am I pronouncing it correctly?

    Nenu idhi sarigga paukuthunnana?

    How do you say it in Telugu?

    Dhinini meeru Telugu lo ela antaaru?

    How do you pronounce that?

    Dhanini mera ela palukuthaaru?

    How do you spell it?

    Dhanilo ae ae asksharamulu vunnayi?

    Please could you write it down?

    Dhayachesi meer dhinini raasthaara?

    Can you explain this to me?

    Naku meeru dhinini vivaristhaara?

    Try to say it.

    Idhi chepadaaniki prayatninchandi.

    What is this called?

    Dhinini emani antaaru?

    What does this mean?

    Idhi ante enti?

    Can you translate this for me?

    Idhi nakosam anuvaadinchagalara?

    Can you give me an example?

    Meerunaku oka udhaaharana isthaara?

    Sorry, I didn't get that.

    Kshaminchaali, naku adhi ardham kaledu.

    Can you repeat this?

    Dhinini meeru mariaal chebthaara?

    Did you understand?

    Meeku ardham ayindha?

    I have understood.

    Nenu ardham chesukunnanu.

    I understand.

    Naku ardham ayindhi.

    I study Telugu.

    Nenu Telugu chadhuvuthaanu.

    I am studying Telugu.

    Nenu Telugu chadhuvuthaanu.

    I have studied Telugu.

    Nenu Telugu chadhivaanu.

    I have been studying Telugu since a month.

    Oka nela nunchi nenu Telugu chaduvuthunnanu.

    I studied Telugu.

    Nenu Telugu chadhivaanu.

    I was studying Telugu.

    Nenu Telugu chadhivedhanini.

    I had studied Telugu.

    Nenu Telugu chadhivesaanu.

    I will study Telugu.

    Nenu Telugu chadhuvuthaanu.

    I will be studying Telugu.

    Nenu Telugu chadhukobothunnanu.

    I will have studied Telugu.

    Nenu Telugu chadhuvukoni untaanu.

    I am running.

    Nenu parigeduthunnanu.

    We are running.

    Memu parigeduthunnamu.

    You are running.

    Meeru parigeduthunnaru.

    He is running.

    Athena parigeduthunnadu.

    She is running.

    Aame parigeduthundhi.

    It is running.

    Adhi parigeduthundhi.

    They are running.

    Vaaru parigeduthunnaru.

    Whose pen is this?

    Ee kalamu evaridhi?

    This is my pen.

    Idhi na kalamu.

    This is your pen.

    Idci mee kalamu.

    This is his pen.

    Ee kalamu athanidhi.

    This is her pen.

    Ee kalamu aamedhi.

    This is their pen.

    Ee kalamu vaaridhi.

    These are their books.

    Ivi vaari pusthakaalu.

    Where is the book?

    Aa pusthakam ekkada undhi?

    The book is behind the table.

    Aa pushtakam pattika venuka undhi.

    The book is in front of the table.

    Aa pushtakam pattika ki edhuruga undhi.

    The book is near the table.

    Aa pushtakam pattika deggara undhi.

    The book is next to the table.

    Aa pushtakam pattika pakkana undhi.

    The book is on top of the table.

    Aa pushtakam pattika meedha undhi.

    The book is under the table.

    Aa pushtakam pattika kindha undhi.

    There are some books on the table.

    Konni pusthakaalu parrika meedha unnayi.

    The book is in the drawer.

    Aa pushtakam sorugu lo undhi.





    Why not?

    Endhuku kaadhu?









    To whom?


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