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  • How are you?

    Ella unnaru? / Bagunara?

    My name is ____

    Na peru ____

    What is your name?

    Ne peru enti?

    I'm learning telugu.

    Nanu telugu narchukuntuna.

    Can you help me?

    Naaku help chestava?

    I am from the U.S.

    Nanu U.S. nunchi vachaanu.

    I came for business.

    Nanu business kosam vachaanu.

    What work do you do?

    Am pani chestara?

    Which company?

    Ye company?

    What are you doing?

    Am chestava?

    I don't know.

    Naaku telylaydu.

    You are very smart.

    Meeku challa televe undi.

    Where are you?

    Ekkera unnaru?

    Are you married?

    Neeku pelli aiyinda?

    This is my friend, _____

    Idhi na friend, _____

    Had your meals?

    Von chesava?

    I came to India to be a telugu actress.

    Nanu telugu heroine avardam kosam India ke vachaanu.

    Where do you stay?

    Ekkera untaru?

    Take this.

    Idhi tisco.

    How is everyone in your home?

    Ent lo undaru ella unnaru?

    I don't want.

    Naaku watu.

    Your wish.

    Ne istam.

    Do you cook?

    Neevu vanta chestava?

    What is your favorite meal?

    Ne istamyna amity vogina?

    What are your plans after college?

    College tarvata enti?

    What does your dad do?

    Me nana am chestunaru?

    My dad is an engineer.

    Ma nana engineer

    My little brother is studying

    Na tamadu chaduvutunadu

    My mom is a nurse

    Ma amma nurse

    My older sister is expecting

    Na akka garba vati

    Where does your family stay?

    Me kutumbam ekkada untunaru?

    Shall we meet? (Let's hang out!)

    Mannam kaludama

    What time do you want to meet?

    Mannam ye time ke kaludham?

    I'm on my way

    Nanu vastunanu

    What time will you reach?

    Ye time ke nuvu cherukuntavu?

    I'll be there in 5 minutes

    Enko 5 min lo, untanu.

    In telugu, how do you say

    Telugu lo, am chapaelle

    Speak again

    Malli chepundy

    No problem

    parva laydu

    My favorite city is hyderabad

    naaku istamyna nagaram hyderabad

    speak with me in telugu

    miru telugu lo matlandandi

    What are you doing


    What is your education?

    Am chaduvu kunaru?

    What are you studying?

    Am chaduvu tunuvu?

    I am very happy to meet you.

    Me mallani chusi challa santosha aiyindi puchindi.

    Teach me something new in telugu

    Telugu lo, kochni kotha padulu nairpistava

    How many people in your family?

    Neeku enta mundi - anna... chellalu

    What did you do today?

    Eeroju am chesaru?

    What are you doing today?

    Eeroju am chestaru?

    What are you doing tomorrow?

    Rapu am chestunaru?

    What are you doing later?

    Tarvata am chestara?

    I came to India to be a telugu actress.

    Nanu telugu heroine avardam kosam India ke vachaanu.

    next week

    vache varum

    Give me that pen.

    A kalam evu

    How do I say this?

    Idhi ella chepalli?

    What is your favorite festival?

    Ne istamyna pundiga enti?

    What time will you come?

    ye time osthavu?

    Go to the cinema and get the tickets

    Cinema velli ticketlu tiskura

    I don't want.

    naaku watu.

    How is everyone in your home?

    Ent lo, undaru ella unnaru?

    I like Hyd very much

    Naaku Hyd challe istam

    You're very beautiful

    Meeru challa andam ga untaru

    Your house is very good

    Me ihlu challa bagundy

    Your wish

    Me istam

    Let's go to the movies

    cinema ke veludama

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