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  • nenu













    you come




    will come






    will open















    nenu velthanu

    I go

    athanu velthadu

    he goes

    athanu apple thintadu

    he eats an apple

    athanu apple thintunaadu

    he is eating an apple

    athanu apple thinnaadu

    he ate an apple

    nenu poina varam chitram choosaanu

    I saw the film last week

    aame ninna buslo vachindhi

    she came by bus yesterday

    vaaru gudiki vellaru

    they went to the temple

    athanu raathri antha padukunnadu

    he slept the whole night

    athanu pariksha baaga vraasaadu

    he wrote well in the examination

    athanu thinesadu

    he has eaten

    athanu tinaadu

    he had eaten

    athanu vellaadu

    he had gone

    athanu vachaadu

    he had come

    athanu thintaadu

    he will eat

    athanu velthaadu

    he will go

    athanu vasthaadu

    he will come

    nee peru enti?

    what is your name?







    meeru emi chesthaaru?

    what did you do?

    nenu emi cheyyali?

    what should I do?

    nenu emi cheyyagalanu?

    what can I do?

    prasnalu enti?

    what are the questions?

    prasnalu enti?

    what were the questions?

    chivari prasna enti?

    what is the last question?

    uttaramlo emi vrasi undhi?

    what is written in the letter?

    neeku emi cheppabadinadhi?

    what had you been told?

    javabu enti?

    what will be the answer?

    neevu enduku vachaavu?

    why did you come?

    neevu enduku padukunaavu?

    why did you sleep?

    neevu athaniki vellamani enduku cheppaavu?

    why did you tell him to leave?

    athanu sanchi enduku techaadu?

    why did he bring the bag?

    aame dabbu enduku ichaaru?

    why did she pay the money?

    vaaru akkada enduku kurchunnaaru?

    why did they sit there?

    neevu car endhuku nadipaavu?

    why do you drive the car?

    vaaru sabhaku enduku aalasyamga vachaaru?

    why are they late for the meeting?

    neevu ela vachaavu?

    how did you come?

    neevu ela padukunnaavu?

    how did you sleep?

    neevu ela nadipaavu?

    how did you drive?

    neevu ela wrasaavu?

    how did you write?

    naa chetilo enni apples unnaai?

    how many apples are there in my hand?

    neevu enni theesukunnaavu?

    how many did you take?

    athanu neeku entha dabbu ichaadu?

    how much did he pay you?

    entha dooram vellali?

    how much distance to go?

    ninna prayanam ela jarigindhi?

    how was the journey yesterday?

    neevu ee daarilo vachaavu?

    which way did you come?

    neeku istamaina rangu enti?

    which is your favourite colour?

    neevu ee roomlo padukunnaavu?

    in which room did you sleep?

    neevu ee kadha cheppaavu?

    which story did you tell?

    thiyyanaina phalamu enti?

    which is the sweetest fruit?

    hindilo manchi vaartha patrika enti?

    which is the best newspaper in Hindi?

    baratha desamlo atyadhika janaaba unna rastram enti?

    which Indian state has the largest population?

    neevu ekkadinunchi vachaavu?

    where did you come from?

    neevuekkada padukunnaavu?

    where did you sleep.

    manager gadhi ekkada?

    where is the manager's cabin?

    nenu ekkadiki vellalli?

    where should I go?

    nenu evarini sampradinchaali?

    whom should I contact?

    idhi pusthakama?

    is it a book?

    idhi pusthakamu

    it is a book

    idhi javaaba?

    is it the answer

    idhi javaabu

    it is the answer

    neevu ikkadiki vasthaava?

    will you come with me?

    nenu neetho vasthaanu

    I'll come with you

    neevu nee kalamu naaku isthaava?

    will you give me your pen?

    sare, thappakunda

    yes, of course

    nuvvu nannu premisthunnaava?

    do you love me?

    avunu nenu ninnu premisthunnaanu

    yes, I love you

    neevu nee kalamu ivvagalava?

    can you give me your pen?

    neevu ee pette yethagalava?

    can you lift the box?

    neevu pariksha vraayagalava?

    can you write the exam?

    neevu bojhanam chesava?

    did you have your lunch?

    neevu ela unnaavu?

    how are you?

    nenu kshemamgaa unnaanu

    I am fine

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