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  1. My little brother is studying
  2. This is my friend, _____
  3. Your wish.
  4. No problem
  5. I don't know.
  6. What is your favorite meal?
  7. How do I say this?
  8. Can you help me?
  9. What did you do today?
  10. I am from the U.S.
  11. I am very happy to meet you.
  12. Give me that pen.
  13. Speak again
  14. What time do you want to meet?
  15. Where are you?
  16. I don't want.
  17. My name is ____
  18. I'm learning telugu.
  19. What are you doing?
  20. I'm on my way
  21. What time will you come?
  22. I came to India to be a telugu actress.
  23. What is your name?
  24. Are you married?
  25. What is your favorite festival?
  26. What time will you reach?
  27. My mom is a nurse
  28. How many people in your family?
  29. Where do you stay?
  30. My favorite city is hyderabad
  31. How is everyone in your home?
  32. What are your plans after college?
  33. I like Hyd very much
  34. What does your dad do?
  35. Take this.
  36. You are very smart.
  37. Shall we meet? (Let's hang out!)
  38. What is your education?
  39. My dad is an engineer.
  40. What are you doing
  41. My older sister is expecting
  42. What are you studying?
  43. Teach me something new in telugu
  44. Your wish
  45. How is everyone in your home?
  46. What are you doing today?
  47. How are you?
  48. Which company?
  49. Where does your family stay?
  50. In telugu, how do you say
  51. Let's go to the movies
  52. next week
  53. Your house is very good
  54. Do you cook?
  55. What are you doing later?
  56. You're very beautiful
  57. I came for business.
  58. What work do you do?
  59. I don't want.
  60. What are you doing tomorrow?
  61. I'll be there in 5 minutes
  62. Go to the cinema and get the tickets
  63. Had your meals?
  64. speak with me in telugu