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  1. Telugu lo, kochni kotha padulu nairpistavaTeach me something new in telugu


  2. ...What are you doing


  3. Me istamYour wish.


  4. Meeku challa televe undi.You are very smart.


  5. Ne istamyna pundiga enti?What is your favorite meal?


  6. Von chesava?Had your meals?


  7. naaku istamyna nagaram hyderabadWhat is your favorite meal?


  8. Naaku watu.I don't want.


  9. parva layduGive me that pen.


  10. Me kutumbam ekkada untunaru?What does your dad do?


  11. Nanu telugu heroine avardam kosam India ke vachaanu.I came to India to be a telugu actress.


  12. Ent lo, undaru ella unnaru?How are you?


  13. Eeroju am chesaru?What did you do today?


  14. Neeku enta mundi - anna... chellaluMy favorite city is hyderabad


  15. Ma nana engineerMy dad is an engineer.


  16. Na peru ____My name is ____


  17. Am chaduvu kunaru?What are you studying?


  18. Am pani chestara?What work do you do?


  19. Ekkera unnaru?Where do you stay?


  20. Tarvata am chestara?What are you doing today?


  21. Ma amma nurseMy mom is a nurse


  22. Ne peru enti?My name is ____


  23. Naaku help chestava?Can you help me?


  24. Nanu telugu narchukuntuna.speak with me in telugu


  25. Telugu lo, am chapaelleIn telugu, how do you say


  26. Na akka garba vatiMy mom is a nurse


  27. Ent lo undaru ella unnaru?How is everyone in your home?


  28. Enko 5 min lo, untanu.I'll be there in 5 minutes


  29. naaku watu.I don't know.


  30. Cinema velli ticketlu tiskuraLet's go to the movies


  31. Idhi ella chepalli?Speak again


  32. Nanu vastunanuI don't want.


  33. miru telugu lo matlandandiI'm learning telugu.


  34. Eeroju am chestaru?What did you do today?


  35. A kalam evuGive me that pen.


  36. Idhi tisco.Your wish.


  37. Naaku Hyd challe istamI like Hyd very much


  38. Me ihlu challa bagundyYour house is very good


  39. Am chaduvu tunuvu?What is your education?


  40. Mannam kaludamaShall we meet? (Let's hang out!)


  41. Am chestava?Had your meals?


  42. Ye time ke nuvu cherukuntavu?What time will you come?


  43. Meeru challa andam ga untaruYou are very smart.


  44. Idhi na friend, _____My name is ____


  45. Nanu business kosam vachaanu.I came for business.


  46. Ekkera untaru?Where are you?


  47. Ne istam.Your wish.


  48. Nanu U.S. nunchi vachaanu.I came for business.


  49. ye time osthavu?What time will you come?


  50. Na tamadu chaduvutunaduMy little brother is studying


  51. Malli chepundySpeak again


  52. vache varumI don't want.


  53. Naaku telylaydu.I don't want.


  54. Me mallani chusi challa santosha aiyindi puchindi.You are very smart.


  55. College tarvata enti?What is your name?


  56. Neeku pelli aiyinda?I don't know.


  57. Mannam ye time ke kaludham?Shall we meet? (Let's hang out!)


  58. Ne istamyna amity vogina?What is your favorite festival?


  59. Me nana am chestunaru?What did you do today?


  60. Neevu vanta chestava?Can you help me?


  61. Ella unnaru? / Bagunara?How are you?


  62. cinema ke veludamaLet's go to the movies


  63. Ye company?Which company?


  64. Rapu am chestunaru?What are you doing tomorrow?