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  1. [is] lazy, indolent, idle, slothful, inert, inactive
  2. below; under; down below; underneath
  3. experiment; test
  4. a male angel
  5. orb; spherical object
  6. [is] crude; coarse; rough; rugged ; [is] rude; vulgar; impolite; obscene
  7. pertaining to thanks
  8. near; close
  9. action, behavior
  10. [is] popular
  11. basis; foundation; principle; maxim; doctrine; tenet
  12. civil service; public service; government service
  13. field; plain; pasture
  14. wife
  15. to borrow [i.e. money] on interest
  16. to quit; to stop; to give up; cancel; suspend; discontinue
  17. building; brickwork; a brick structure
  18. to erase, mathematical subtraction; minus
  19. war; battle; hostilities; conflict
  20. machine; apparatus; engine
  21. to follow OR to fetch (someone) OR to pound an object
  22. to play; have fun; enjoy
  23. to point (out); to indicate a location
  24. to share; join; partake; participate; unite; affiliate with
  25. end; finale
  26. geometric line; string; filament; thread; rope; cord; route
  27. [is] necessary; essential; required; to need
  28. to stand
  29. America
  30. girl; unmarried woman; (informal) maid; virgin; wench
  31. nearly; almost
  32. door; gate; doorway; entrance
  33. often
  34. belly; abdomen; stomach
  35. to turn over; to roll from side to side; to play tricks with; to twist
  36. to persuade; to induce; to urge; to invite; to ask
  37. [is] sure; certain; truthful; firm; stable; without doubt; exact
  38. will; shall
  39. to bring; take; head a procession; lead the way;
  40. green
  41. to enter; go in
  42. [used by females in an informal setting] I, me, my
  43. sea
  44. military; army; soldier
  45. errand duty
  46. all; entire; complete; whole
  47. not; no
  48. hat; cap
  49. family
  50. forest; woods; jungle; wild
  51. Monday
  52. to relate a story; to tell; to recount; to narrate
  53. to hope; to expect; to want
  54. to share; divide into parts; apportion
  55. [is] synonymous; alike-sounding; identical; in agreement; coincident; simultaneous; allied
  56. sheet; tablet; plank; strip; piece
  57. benefit; use; usefulness
  58. orange; citrus
  59. to steal; to pilfer; to pinch; to carry off
  60. to bloom; open; blossom; unfold
  61. July
  62. cool; cold
  63. to take note; to jot down
  64. to think of; to recollect; to recall; to remember
  65. right; correct; honest; virtuous; righteous
  66. to abstain (from food, e.g.); fast; refrain; cease
  67. [is] involved; concerned
  68. to overtake; catch up with; be on time
  69. beautiful; pretty; attractive
  70. plot of land; flower bed; field
  71. to beget; produce; engender; conceive; pop up
  72. elephant
  73. association; organization; corporation
  74. [is] specific; particular; limited; provisional
  75. mother
  76. king
  77. [suffix] "-ing"
  78. to buy or purchase
  79. to forget
  80. to notify; advise; inform; make apparent
  81. [of length] [is] short; squat
  82. (have you) ever; (as) before; did in the past; used to...
  83. to eliminate, to stop; to die; extinguish; put out;
  84. to drink
  85. human being; man; human; homo sapiens
  86. neck; throat
  87. flower
  88. to care for; maintain; nurture; support
  89. month
  90. March
  91. the inside, the interior, internal
  92. property; wealth; riches; possessions
  93. approximately; about; roughly
  94. to multiply; "times"
  95. greatly; extremely; truly; quite
  96. [of geometric length] [is] long
  97. to boast; brag; show off; display
  98. [is] fast; quick; speedy
  99. China; Chinese
  100. to apply; paint; put on lotion or makeup
  101. cart; oxcart; wagon [typically] used to transport grain
  102. [a particle which conveys urgency, adding an imperative quality] (this is the way it is or must be)
  103. of; belonging to
  104. fire; flame, electric light; light switch
  105. September
  106. 12 p.m.; noon
  107. it; they
  108. to prepare; to be ready; to ready
  109. to sit or be sitting
  110. to speak, say
  111. top; pinnacle; tip; peak; excellent; superb; grand total
  112. to make a check-mark, X
  113. to exceed; go beyond
  114. temple; monastery
  115. to aim at or for; to intend; to mean; to endeavor
  116. to receive, get; accept, to pick (someone) up
  117. cinema; film; movie
  118. [adverbial word indicating past tense or aspect marker indicating present perfect (past continued to present)] in the past; completed; still; to make done
  119. [is] sharp; clear; focused; concise
  120. army; fighting forces; force; troops; armed forces
  121. to clean; wash; rinse
  122. very much; plentiful; much; many; countless; various
  123. to repeat; to recur; to reiterate
  124. a red cross
  125. [is] low; short; depressed
  126. an explanation
  127. thousand; (1,000)
  128. incorrect; wrong
  129. finger; toe; digit
  130. to succeed; finish; complete; accomplish
  131. [polite] to know a fact or piece of information
  132. dog
  133. fog; mist; foggy; misty
  134. to take a shower; to swim
  135. allowing that; if; despite; rather
  136. hull; pod; sheath; case; nutshell
  137. [is] pure; absolute; pristine
  138. method; way; mode of operation; procedure
  139. a vowel
  140. to inhabit, live in, or dwell in a place, to reside
  141. to compete; to race; to contend with
  142. to combine; to put together; to build
  143. small container; a pot for cooking
  144. to teach; to instruct; to train
  145. enemy
  146. to sleep; lie down
  147. to remember; to recall; to memorize; to retain
  148. most; "-est"
  149. [used in intimate or informal settings] you
  150. English
  151. hole
  152. bed
  153. company; firm; corporation
  154. several; numerous; many
  155. gently; little by little
  156. [is] considerate; helpful; generous; friendly
  157. to desire; wish; prefer
  158. the rai, a unit of land measure
  159. to know a subject or piece of learned information
  160. to collide; to crash; bump; bump together
  161. during; all during; throughout; through; in (e.g., in over 20 years)
  162. far; distant
  163. soon; shortly; momentarily
  164. to assign; entrust; turn over; commit; deliver
  165. worker, laborer
  166. two; 2
  167. place; site; location; locality
  168. handrail; railing; rod; rack
  169. town, capital city
  170. across from; opposite
  171. boat; ship; barge; vessel
  172. [is] capable; able
  173. mindfulness; consciousness; sensibility; balance
  174. word; term; discourse
  175. happy; comfortable; OK
  176. field; park; lawn; playground; meadow; yard
  177. to print; type; importing; make an impression of
  178. all; in total; completely; of every kind; as a whole
  179. to assume; suppose
  180. detailed; exact; delicate; fine; powdered; finely powdered
  181. night
  182. to move or transfer
  183. to throw; to pitch; to cast; to fling; to hurl
  184. to take care of; maintain; save; to remedy, treat
  185. the sky; firmament; heaven
  186. day
  187. to run
  188. to go; <subject> goes
  189. [as a king or royalty] to say; remark; speak; declare; pronounce
  190. to cut; mow; trim
  191. May
  192. [is] without; separate from; [is] rid of; [is] free from
  193. to notice; to observe; to perceive; to make a note of
  194. to stop; halt
  195. [is] loud; noisy
  196. to form into a rough shape; to trim; to clip (e.g. beard, bush)
  197. tail
  198. member; subscriber
  199. species; type; group
  200. cloth; material; fabric
  201. to assemble; have a meeting
  202. to push forward; to shove; to thrust
  203. except; unless; with the exception of...
  204. to open; to turn on; engage
  205. bind; tie; attach
  206. [is] equal; equivalent; even; as much as
  207. ancient
  208. [of water] a canal
  209. to pursue; seek; look for; search out
  210. to give; to let; to send to; to allow; to convey towards
  211. the Moon
  212. [is] dangerous; harmful; evil
  213. to halt; to curb; to stop; cease; mitigate; suppress
  214. [a formal word placed after a verb or a sentence to mark or indicate an exhortation, a command or an entreaty] let's; let us; let's go for it; let's do it
  215. much? ... how many?
  216. [of liquid] a drop; to drip
  217. friend, companion, pal
  218. ¼ of 1 baht
  219. a citizen; an inhabitant; people; population
  220. to drill; to train; to practice; to exercise; to teach
  221. fish
  222. individual; private; personal
  223. saying; proverb; motto; saw; teaching; maxim; adage
  224. to plow; thrust; push; to clip hair very short
  225. almost; nearly; close to
  226. the Sun
  227. to lay down; to put down; to deposit; to place; to set down
  228. to turn; make a change in direction
  229. teenage male; young man; adolescent
  230. variety; style; pattern; type; kind; sort; mode; manner; method
  231. eight; 8
  232. to deserve; appropriate; conforming; worthy of
  233. amount; number; quantity
  234. by one's self; on one's own; personally; myself; oneself
  235. [is] covered (over); hidden; unclear
  236. to deceive; to entice; to lure
  237. [impolite] he; him; she; her; they; you
  238. at the back; at the end
  239. beach
  240. to conceal or hide an item or oneself
  241. April
  242. [Thai transcription of the foreign loanword, "sure"] surely; certainly
  243. a trip; vacation; holiday; pleasure tour
  244. [is] dry
  245. tax; duty
  246. the middle, the center
  247. because; due to; owing to
  248. to throw; to pitch
  249. with, also OR guess, estimate
  250. [is] even; level; flush
  251. [is] stupid; silly; dumb; foolish; vain
  252. [is] sore; hurt; injured
  253. plant; vegetation; fauna; seedling
  254. [is] excellent; glorious; sublime; superb; outstanding
  255. an hour
  256. station
  257. nine; 9
  258. to conquer; defeat; beat; win
  259. tooth
  260. Buddha
  261. [is] suitable; proper; fitting; reasonable; appropriate; correct
  262. [is] deep-fried
  263. to mold; form; fabricate
  264. shape; figure; body; outline; form
  265. secretary of state; minister; commander in chief
  266. custom; customs; tradition
  267. [is] soft; pliable; tender
  268. to dress; wear clothing; to get dressed
  269. to burn
  270. rate; rating; criteria;
  271. to listen
  272. oil; gasoline; fuel
  273. to move to another place; to move or relocate
  274. teacher; instructor
  275. ditch
  276. five; 5
  277. [is] false; untrue; dishonest; deceptive; spurious
  278. how many
  279. irrigation
  280. occasion; time; episode
  281. shoe or shoes; footwear
  282. to withdraw; move back; retreat
  283. now; "Right now!"
  284. [is] complete; whole
  285. root; foundation; source
  286. to speak; say; think
  287. to climb; to scale (a mountain); to move up slowly and carefully
  288. to admire; compliment; praise; commend; extol; flatter
  289. good deeds; merit
  290. chicken
  291. to fight or quarrel with, accost, pick a fight with, to bully
  292. female
  293. harm; danger; catastrophe; fear; dread; peril
  294. [of people, animals] a group, a party
  295. [is] fresh; green; new; newly produced or minted; raw
  296. to see; visualize
  297. in case of; provided that; if; for; in case (that)
  298. bottle
  299. a trace; pathway; track; vestige; impression; imprint; a mark
  300. school
  301. words; wording; speech; utterance; statement
  302. more than [...], -er
  303. June
  304. ditch; moat
  305. clerk; secretary
  306. bear; stand; put up with; tolerate; endure; last
  307. authority; power
  308. to tattoo OR teak wood
  309. to count
  310. sufficient; suffice; adequate
  311. child; son or daughter
  312. rain
  313. to spend; purchase; shop; to pay
  314. to check; test; examination; inspection
  315. to snatch away, to wrest away from, to compete for
  316. star; a non-planetary celestial body; spot
  317. vehicle; carrier; transport
  318. sweet
  319. to consider; to appraise; to study; to examine; to investigate; to reckon
  320. council; assembly
  321. to herd; or corner; gather together
  322. female; woman; lady
  323. [of study] a subject; knowledge; branch of study
  324. [is] flat
  325. he; she
  326. tongue
  327. to unfurl, to open
  328. [a prefix which converts an adjective or verb into a noun]
  329. knife
  330. the origin; beginning; start
  331. [as a liquid] to flow or run, to slither
  332. law
  333. a medical doctor
  334. afraid, scared
  335. to damage; harm; do harm; destroy; ruin; crush
  336. road; boulevard; avenue; street
  337. to move; to run; to sail; to glide; to slide; to steam
  338. a thing; item
  339. hand
  340. to progress; grow; prosper; thrive; expand
  341. friend or friends
  342. bacteria; microbe; yeast; germ
  343. postal letter; mail; a letter
  344. for the purpose of...
  345. morning
  346. to look at; to see; to stare at; to glance; to eye
  347. science; knowledge; learning; philosophy
  348. to train; practice
  349. life
  350. to let go; relinquish
  351. to ride upon, to drive (an animal, bicycle, or motorcycle)
  352. the day before
  353. sequence; order; line; arrangement; series
  354. February
  355. [prefix for a (spatial) direction]
  356. [is] thrilling; flashing; shining
  357. beach
  358. to diminish; to unwind; to relax
  359. life; existence; living
  360. position; post; rank
  361. intersection
  362. one of the four ancient elements: earth, water, air, or fire
  363. [written] should; ought; ought to
  364. to boil by heat; to be irritated; to be provoked; to be furious
  365. but; even; however; rather
  366. [word added at the end of a statement to indicate a question]
  367. a bean or pea plant; a bean
  368. to find; look for
  369. fable; story; yarn; tale; folklore; fairytale
  370. to sink; drown; submerge
  371. a schedule or appointment
  372. circle; wheel
  373. price; tariff; fare
  374. news; tidings; information received; message
  375. to scoop up with the hands
  376. to defend; protect against; prevent; prevent against; bar
  377. yet; since; not yet; still
  378. to cover; clothe; wrap; enclose; dress; cover; close
  379. to accuse; prosecute; sue
  380. to begin; to start; commence
  381. [of a person] to become (figuratively) fixated (on something); to think about (something) to an extreme and excessive degree
  382. ear
  383. circular, round
  384. lust, evil desire
  385. fun; enjoyable
  386. wide
  387. to act; perform; demonstrate; show; or display
  388. to order merchandise, food, or medicine
  389. sheep
  390. suffering; anxiety; first of the Four Noble Truths
  391. father
  392. clear; bright; distinct; cheerful
  393. bridge; pier
  394. lion
  395. to compare; to contrast
  396. criteria; formula; specification; standard
  397. to dissolve; melt
  398. to hire; engage; employ
  399. [is] forbidden; taboo; prohibited
  400. big; large; huge
  401. [is] clear; transparent
  402. fire; blaze; flame; conflagration
  403. to announce; to proclaim; to declare; to notify; to publish
  404. tone; sound; volume; noise
  405. [is] strange; odd; weird; peculiar; wonderful; marvelous
  406. [feeling] [is] cool; cold
  407. normal; usual; routine
  408. office; bureau; institute; institution
  409. annals; historical record; pedigree; chronicle; dynastic history
  410. lump, chunk
  411. towards; in the direction of
  412. ten; 10
  413. [a prefix used for plant or tree names] plant; stalk; trunk
  414. [is] thick
  415. to repress; quell; quash; subjugate
  416. adorn; decorate; beautify
  417. milk
  418. accusation; objection
  419. uncle; elder uncle
  420. room of a building; apartment
  421. afternoon hours between 1:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m.
  422. to break up into pieces; to loosen
  423. Wednesday
  424. order; regulations; system
  425. ready; set; finished; complete
  426. to help; to aid; to assist; to contribute; to please
  427. [is] expensive
  428. expand; spread out
  429. to dine; eat; sup; have a meal
  430. direction; way; course; the way
  431. city; nation; country; land; town
  432. dirt; earth; soil; ground; land; kingdom; realm
  433. how many
  434. to rule; to govern
  435. outside of; external to; foreign;
  436. you; your
  437. beef; meat of any animal
  438. to suppose, think or conjecture; to feel, ponder, harbor a feeling or doubt,
  439. we; us; our
  440. shape; form; contour; appearance; similarity-to
  441. heart; spirit; inner being; mind
  442. religion; creed
  443. horse
  444. excessive; extreme
  445. for; as for; in order to; for the purpose of; in order that
  446. edge; rim; banks (of a river or canal)
  447. quite; very
  448. draw; scratch; write
  449. tall
  450. [auxiliary verb] has to...; must...; is required to...
  451. [used with another verb to indicate possibility] may; might
  452. [Buddhism] intelligence; wisdom; sharpness; wit
  453. December
  454. old; aged
  455. between; in the middle of; the middle; among
  456. car; vehicle; bus
  457. to build; construct; create; establish; to cause
  458. [is] neat; ready; all set; all in order; orderly; tidy
  459. [is] rich; wealthy; affluent; opulent
  460. [word used to soften the meaning of a sentence] "...a bit" — "...somewhat" — " some extent"
  461. monkey
  462. pork; meat of the pig
  463. to place on top of or overlay; superimpose; run over
  464. [is] innocent; pure; uncontaminated; virgin; fine
  465. [is] quiet; peaceful; silent
  466. plan; kind; design; pattern; style; model
  467. to expand; enlarge; amplify; inflate; magnify
  468. to allow, yield, let, or accept, to agree to
  469. Japan
  470. to execute; perform; do; act; behave, practice
  471. [used for emphasis at the end of a statement] " all." — " much!" — "...extremely!
  472. duty; function; obligation; responsibility
  473. glass; transparent object; crystal
  474. family; lineage; pedigree; lineage
  475. debt; liability
  476. some; any; partially
  477. November
  478. mosquito
  479. to cross; pass; pass by; pass through
  480. to want; desire
  481. there (at a medium distance from here); those; that
  482. dawn; daybreak
  483. disease; sickness; case
  484. three; 3
  485. all; many; several
  486. asset; wealth; possessions; riches
  487. [is] angry; peeved; offended; annoyed
  488. sin, bad karma
  489. to search for the facts; to investigate oR succeed
  490. number; digit
  491. [is] genuine; real; true
  492. [formal, yet abbreviated] to eat
  493. chair
  494. student; schoolchildren
  495. lineage; family; race; family [taxonomy]
  496. to wish for; to desire
  497. color; colors; paint
  498. lawsuit; legal action; case
  499. younger sibling
  500. to disperse, distribute
  501. [of an idea] to introduce; suggest; advise
  502. river
  503. allergic to; have an allergy to
  504. [auxiliary verb indicating] should; ought to; must
  505. foot; feet; paw
  506. to explain; define; describe
  507. similar; all the same; like; as
  508. behind; following
  509. a space; a period; a stage; distance; time
  510. [is] mad; angry; pissed off
  511. [is] any
  512. assets; treasure; fortune; riches; wealth
  513. umbrella; shade; sunshade
  514. government official
  515. I; me; my [male]
  516. every; each
  517. to answer; reply; respond
  518. to call out; called; to be named
  519. easy; not difficult; simple
  520. Friday
  521. land
  522. plan; pattern; scheme; project; model
  523. amicability; friendship; goodwill; (to be on) good terms
  524. rice
  525. thus; therefore; so
  526. to beat; hit; strike; or whip
  527. to ascend; raise; rise; go up
  528. to come; <subject> comes
  529. to try; test; to experiment with; to try out
  530. [is] artificial; false; imitation
  531. usual; ordinary; normal; average
  532. [usually used as an adjective] sole; solitary; single; chief
  533. oil; fat; grease
  534. to desire; to want; to specify or order; to take; get; bring
  535. jungle; thick grove
  536. to lack; need
  537. status; standing; grand; proud; dignified
  538. flag
  539. agriculture
  540. way; route; course; path
  541. paper; sheet; card
  542. class; sort; type; variety; category; group; in the style of ...
  543. [of a problem] to solve; to answer
  544. ambassador; diplomat; emissary
  545. and
  546. to exclude; omit; skip over
  547. folk; people
  548. honor, prestige, fame, renown, reputation, dignity
  549. to brace or splice with a long piece alongside
  550. seven; 7
  551. to claim; claim that
  552. cat
  553. four; 4
  554. [is] experienced; skilled; expert
  555. to feed; nourish; nurture; raise a child or animal; provide for; rear; bring up; foster; nurse
  556. land; country; kingdom; ground; earth; plot of land
  557. to sell
  558. example; sample
  559. to fall down
  560. to wish or desire
  561. from
  562. district; a subdivision of a Thai province
  563. to escape; elope; hurry away; flee
  564. evening; dusk; sunset time
  565. [is] deep
  566. to give permission or license, to permit, to allow, to grant, to consent
  567. [of the body] hair
  568. to close; turn off; to shut
  569. fruit
  570. [a prefix to a verb or adjective indicating a likely or probable state, as in the English suffix] "-able"
  571. person; guy; people; man; human being
  572. fever; a temperature of the body; sickness
  573. to hide; to conceal; to block the view
  574. household; dwelling; abode; [typically a] wooden house
  575. [is] beautiful; pretty; attractive; gorgeous
  576. [indicating a condition] if
  577. to support (from below); to place (something) under
  578. [is] afraid; fearful; inspired with awe; respectful of; fearful; filled with reverence
  579. to abandon; discard; throw away
  580. building; hall; pavilion; structure
  581. this
  582. to study at the elementary school level
  583. [is] difficult; hard; troublesome
  584. maybe; sometimes; perhaps
  585. a guard, sentry, sentinel or night watchman
  586. drug; medicine
  587. visitor; guest; foreigner
  588. [is] bad; evil; wicked
  589. seed; grain; tiny piece
  590. yes; I agree; correct; right; indeed; that's so
  591. [is] still; immobile; silent; motionless; quiet
  592. to collect; preserve; keep; fetch
  593. water; fluid; liquid
  594. legal contract; promise; agreement; treaty; pact; deal
  595. [is] coiled; curled up; rolled up
  596. witness
  597. poison; toxin; venom
  598. to fall; to drop or pour down
  599. long time
  600. that one over there; a distant object
  601. each; every; one at a time; [implying division] per
  602. instant; moment, a short time; occasion; hour
  603. friend
  604. theatrical presentation
  605. [a first person pronoun] I, me, my [used when writing or speaking formally]
  606. having energy
  607. characteristic; form; attribute; quality; pattern; style
  608. language
  609. [is] without; lacking; devoid of; in need of
  610. sub-district, a subdivision of the อำเภอ
  611. to use, to employ or exploit an object; to utilize; to resort to; to implement
  612. much; many; very; more; so much; a great deal; seriously
  613. just now; a moment ago; recently
  614. active; energetic; vigorous; enthusiastic
  615. one; 1
  616. ground; land; foundation, floor
  617. to puncture; to bore; to pierce; to punch a hole
  618. merchandise; product; finished good
  619. to say; tell; inform; mention; state; relate
  620. to abandon; to renounce; to relinquish; to sacrifice
  621. [is] assigned; permanently placed; constant; fixed
  622. to put in; add
  623. to deteriorate; to depreciate; decrease; decline
  624. palace
  625. complete; full
  626. thin; weak; light; fine
  627. adjoining; beside; near; close together
  628. to drag; pull at; haul
  629. to catch; to seize; to scramble for; contend for
  630. turn; outing; chance; opportunity; instance; times;
  631. to ship; send or deliver (mail or parcel or package)
  632. to hurry
  633. bug; insect
  634. duck
  635. vacant; free; available; empty
  636. tight; confined; crowded
  637. to exceed; overstep; pass; to go beyond
  638. to praise; admire; laud
  639. to go to war; to fight; to make war; to battle
  640. to combine; to collect; to add; to include; to incorporate
  641. business; personal business; errands
  642. behavior; conduct; act (outward act)
  643. [is] straight; direct; exactly; upright; vertical
  644. located at; to live at
  645. an animal; animals
  646. [is] first; primary; initial
  647. lamp; lantern
  648. to look at; to watch; to see; to glance; to take a look
  649. [of an object] [is] old; antique; decrepit
  650. [Royal use only] to think
  651. water buffalo
  652. cloud
  653. older sibling; older siblings
  654. consequently; so; thus
  655. philosopher
  656. to cleave, split, or serrate
  657. to wait or wait for
  658. item; a small thing; piece
  659. to contradict; to argue; to dispute; to talk back
  660. hair [of the head]
  661. [word used before a verb or noun to describe a profession] person who; enthusiast; devotee; expert
  662. to do, make
  663. shirt; blouse; jacket
  664. to pass by; to be beyond; to be clear of
  665. to fire or shoot (a gun)
  666. skyscraper
  667. over; above; on; upon; in
  668. sunlight; sunshine; sun
  669. drunk; intoxicated; dizzy
  670. luck
  671. [is] other
  672. to respect; to esteem
  673. a period of time; during...; an interval; when...
  674. a small amount of money
  675. to halt, lay-over, stop for the night OR a short while
  676. in general; as a group; taken together
  677. year; annual
  678. wife
  679. to love
  680. light; ray; light ray; beam of light
  681. city; town; municipality
  682. though; if; provided; even if
  683. relative; kin; relations; cousins
  684. week
  685. [is] spent; broken; wasted; malfunctioning; defective
  686. powered; motorized; mechanical
  687. father
  688. or
  689. to obstruct; impede;
  690. happiness; content; bliss; pleasure
  691. of the mind; mental
  692. to enjoy
  693. head; mind
  694. ghost; spirit
  695. when (something occurs); if (something happened)
  696. name; designation; appellation
  697. [indicating a point in time] when
  698. to like; to prefer; to be pleased with
  699. against; towards; to; on OR to bargain or haggle
  700. [the relative pronouns] who; whose; whom; of which
  701. hundred; 100
  702. child
  703. to increase; add; grow; advance; boost; develop; enlarge
  704. non-Asian foreigner, [usually] Caucasian
  705. award; prize; reward
  706. store or shop
  707. new; modern; fresh
  708. timepiece; clock; watch
  709. [is] slow
  710. husband
  711. [referring to placement in space or time] location
  712. avoid; evade; dodge; get out of the way
  713. image; picture; drawing; vision
  714. form; figure; style
  715. [is] secure; stable; firm; solid; sturdy
  716. [is] clean
  717. afterward; later; afterwards
  718. to believe; to trust; to have faith in; to rely on
  719. to sprout; bud; grow; shoot off
  720. such as; for example; for instance; like; similar to
  721. [is] empty; finished; all used up; complete
  722. rice paddy
  723. heaven; paradise
  724. what?
  725. mother
  726. [is] fair; just
  727. to contend; fight; compete
  728. ice
  729. by; via; the method; route; way or mode of attainment
  730. before, earlier
  731. tiny; very small; microscopic
  732. truthful; really?; serious; well; so
  733. to give; offer; present
  734. wood; forest; stick; rod
  735. small; tiny; fine; little
  736. storage cabinet; post office box; cupboard; locker for luggage
  737. [a formal word of request] "please"
  738. [is] strange; unusual; queer; weird; peculiar
  739. to culture (germs); to cultivate; to plant; to build (body)
  740. to walk
  741. tiger
  742. brand name; brand; seal; stamp; mark; hallmark; device
  743. [is] content happy; reveling (in)
  744. Sunday
  745. to change; replace; to convert; to alter; swap
  746. that one; object at a medium distance; those
  747. [a named] direction or point of the compass (such as east, west, north, and south, or right and left); a quarter section of the horizon
  748. very sorry; grieving
  749. [of a person, place, or idea] to know
  750. person, human, one (who...); [Thai prefix corresponding to the English suffixes] '-er' or '-or'
  751. to open; to disclose; to discover; to unveil; to uncover; to reveal
  752. to dance
  753. to dial; turn; revolve; spin; rotate; whirl
  754. January
  755. [is] heavy; laden; fully loaded
  756. left direction (opposite of right)
  757. to lead or precede
  758. time; occasion; event
  759. Tuesday
  760. "yes"; "that's right"; "I see." [male]
  761. feel sorry for; to pity
  762. to row; to paddle
  763. to arrest; catch; get a hold of
  764. brave, fearless
  765. anyone; anybody; someone; somebody
  766. self; person; man; oneself
  767. skin; complexion; surface
  768. to implement, to go forward with a plan, to proceed
  769. to break; burst; shatter; smash
  770. mouse; mice; rat
  771. strong; intense; [especially when speaking of the weather]
  772. to hear; to have heard
  773. to add to, to augment, to supplement
  774. to wear; to put on; to dress with; to cover; to clothe
  775. [used as a question] which; where; when
  776. half; midway; mid; ½
  777. mouth or any part in the mouth or lip areas
  778. to raise; to hoist (up); to revoke; to advance; to abolish
  779. hot
  780. [is] bright; shining; illuminated
  781. [is] convenient; comfortable
  782. to come down; go down; get off; get out of; descend; land
  783. type; kind; sort; species; variety; method; item
  784. [is] true; correct; right; conforming
  785. passage; gap; hole; lane; opening
  786. money; finance; silver
  787. together; along with; also; too; as well; likewise; in addition to doing some other thing
  788. to caution; warn; remind
  789. perfect, complete, full, flawless
  790. [is] faithful; loyal; honest
  791. [is] bad; inferior; worthless; base; vile
  792. to be
  793. all; in general; those
  794. about; relating to; concerning
  795. [is] big; large; grown
  796. August
  797. face; front; facade; visage; (to nod) head
  798. tea
  799. white
  800. bear (the animal)
  801. to be related, to bind, to fasten together
  802. void; empty; naked; nothing
  803. to conserve; save; economize
  804. to cultivate; to plant; build; to grow a plant
  805. bone
  806. million; 1,000,000
  807. single; alone
  808. weather; air; climate
  809. royal, of or pertaining to king
  810. Saturday
  811. instead OR substitute; replacement
  812. problem; trouble; difficulty
  813. gem; gems; gemstones; jewels; jewelry
  814. [of objects] a row; column; file; line; bank; queue
  815. to ask for; to request; "I'd like..."
  816. to say good-bye; to be on leave; to take one's leave
  817. chance
  818. harsh, stiff
  819. punishment; penalty; penance; guilt; blame; fault
  820. cow; ox; bovine
  821. [Thai transcription of the foreign loanword, "Europe"]
  822. head
  823. consequently; thus
  824. special; particular; unique; extraordinary; extra
  825. again; after a time; still
  826. to write; to draw
  827. [is] difficult; hard; not easy
  828. hill; mountain
  829. to combine; mix
  830. house; home; place (or one's place); village
  831. to arrange; to order
  832. joint; point of intersection; articulation
  833. post; mail; post office; postal system
  834. nation; country
  835. name
  836. to place in an elevated position; to respect; to revere; to worship; to esteem
  837. undo; remedy; mend; repair; cure; correct
  838. breast; chest
  839. to trade; to do business; to barter
  840. male
  841. black; dark; dusky
  842. [is] entangled with; [is] hugging; [is] embracing
  843. in; inside; within; amidst; into; on; at a particular time
  844. cry out; to scream; to exclaim; to weep; to sob; to yell
  845. [used in a question] when
  846. dimensions; size; measurement
  847. bird
  848. naturally; as a matter of course; inevitably
  849. food; meal; diet
  850. to read
  851. to have or possess; to be available
  852. hard; solid; stiff; rigid; strong; strong
  853. value; price; cost
  854. boundary; border; limit; district; territory; zone
  855. time
  856. smart; intelligent; clever
  857. to behave; to conduct oneself; to act; to perform or do
  858. fat; overweight
  859. the planet Earth
  860. cigarette
  861. garden; field; park; farm
  862. similar to, as if, as though
  863. dust; spray; mist; particles; fine particles; powder; fall-out
  864. snake
  865. [is] tight; firm; secure
  866. speech; words; utterance; remarks; statements
  867. section; piece; part; portion [as in the English prefix] hemi-
  868. to break; be broken off; reflect; tax
  869. to drive; operate; chauffer
  870. to confine; coop up; imprison
  871. groove; conduit; rail; track
  872. to appear; to seem; to reveal
  873. South; Southern
  874. to compare; to place alongside; to escort
  875. October
  876. to disappear; lose; lost; be missing
  877. to select or choose; elect; pick
  878. island
  879. profit, gain
  880. to search
  881. national; of a nation; race; of a country
  882. power; force; strength; violence; military force
  883. fuse; primer
  884. [a colloquial particle used to emphasize what precedes it]
  885. to meet or rendezvous; locate; find; encounter; experience
  886. often; frequently; inclined towards; prone towards
  887. to ask (a question); to inquire; to quiz; to interrogate
  888. to construct, build
  889. to decide; judge; referee
  890. to attempt; try; persevere
  891. [Buddhism] goodwill; kindness; mercy; clemency; compassion; kindheartedness
  892. tiny hole; cavity; gap
  893. to rise; stand up; get up; arise
  894. [is] finished; completed; ready
  895. to look at with a telescope, to look in a mirror
  896. to carry; hold (in arms); to cradle
  897. to float, to set afloat or adrift; to waft through (the air)
  898. province, of which Thailand has 76
  899. to be born; to birth; to happen
  900. side; party; faction; group
  901. [is] bad; very bad; fierce; cruel
  902. [is] distant; far from; far away; far apart
  903. to kiss
  904. gold
  905. lid or cover of a pot or bowl; cap
  906. to look at; examine; or inspect; to watch
  907. book; document; letters; alphabet; printed document; written document
  908. government
  909. alphabet; [of the alphabet] letter; character; glyph; word; sound; vowels; consonants
  910. the exit; the way out
  911. wire; line; rope; string; strap; connection; tie
  912. to resist; oppose; stop; withstand; impede; "anti -"
  913. likely as not, perhaps
  914. to deposit; leave; entrust (something); consign
  915. commercial; pertaining to commerce
  916. to drill; practice; rehearse; to train
  917. to multiply; increase; add
  918. to decrease; reduce; lower; diminish; lessen
  919. continent
  920. to bury; inter; put in the ground
  921. air; wind; storm
  922. citizens; population; the people; the populace; the masses
  923. era; times; period; age
  924. poor; penniless; impoverished
  925. work; job; duty; business; function
  926. list of items; record; tally; story; account; item
  927. only; up until the point; as much as; as far as; till; just until
  928. engineer; artisan; mechanic; craftsman; specialist
  929. this; these
  930. cycle; round; circuit; trip; anniversary; revolution
  931. to take away in large numbers; to haul off; to pour
  932. morals and ethics
  933. to slide; to slip; to glide; to skid OR to postpone
  934. six; 6
  935. [is] little; small; minor; tiny; less; few; slight
  936. interested in; attentive to
  937. person; individual; man; commoner
  938. to use up; consume; waste
  939. zero; 0
  940. bark; rind; husk; shell; skin; peel
  941. [is] due to; related or connected to; a result of
  942. all; entire; whole; wholly; both (...and)
  943. to feel or emote, to feel an emotion; to experience
  944. Baht (TH฿)
  945. to pull at; to discount; draw; take away
  946. to doubt; suspect; wonder about
  947. class; rank; grade
  948. Thursday
  949. also, too
  950. secondary education; high school
  951. nest; home
  952. outside; external
  953. to speak; to talk; to say
  954. to think; consider; imagine; to count
  955. ceremony; event
  956. to shut; sleep; to be asleep; go to bed
  957. [of a person] self; himself; herself; yourself; itself