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  1. jap daai waadiscovered the secret that ...


  2. dtawng neeRight now


  3. ngawn maakto make up after a girl is ngawn


  4. taa chan bpen khunif I was you


  5. tam yang ngai deewhat should I do?


  6. ngawto make up after a girl is ngawn


  7. Man ja meewill go to


  8. bpai naan laewdiscovered the secret that ...


  9. mod dtuudfoo foo (as in posh)


  10. gerd arai keunbreak up with you


  11. adjective + ja dtaaiVery + adjective (but literally = to die)


  12. laew ... la?what about?


  13. taa gerd gae bpen chanif I was you


  14. mai yawm rap toe-ra-sapwhat should I do?


  15. lerk gap gaebreak up with you


  16. gaw ja bpaiwill go to


  17. glap bahnto be very pissed off (women only)


  18. paa (person) bpaiwill go to


  19. Mai dai nohnI can't sleep


  20. ruu ruufoo foo (as in posh)


  21. Khao bhok waHe said that ...