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  1. wo lamba heySHE IS YOUNG


  2. aap thigina hoYOU ARE SHORT


  3. jabanYOUNG


  4. wo aik marad heyHE IS A BOY


  5. mey thigina hooI AM SHORT


  6. thiginaYOUNG


  7. larakaBOY


  8. woHE, SHE


  9. wo aik aurat heySHE IS A WOMAN


  10. mey boorha hooI AM OLD


  11. aapYOU


  12. wo aik lariki heySHE IS A GIRL


  13. auratYOU


  14. larikiBOY


  15. wo aik laraka heySHE IS A GIRL


  16. wo boorhi heyI AM OLD


  17. aap bachey hoYOU ARE YOUNG


  18. aap lambay hoYOU ARE YOUNG


  19. wo lamba nahee hey. wo thigina hey.HE IS NOT TALL. HE IS SHORT.


  20. meyHE, SHE


  21. aap thiginay nahee ho. aap lambay ho.YOU ARE NOT SHORT. YOU ARE TALL.


  22. mey jaban hooI AM TALL


  23. mey aik marad hooI AM A MAN


  24. wo jaban heySHE IS YOUNG


  25. aap boorhay nahee ho. aap jaban ho.I AM NOT OLD. I AM YOUNG.


  26. mey boorha nahee hoo. mey jaban hoo.YOU ARE NOT OLD. YOU ARE YOUNG.


  27. wo thigina heyHE IS SHORT


  28. aap aik aurat heinSHE IS A WOMAN


  29. aap boorhay hoYOU ARE OLD


  30. wo marad lamba heyTHE MAN IS TALL


  31. aap aik marad hoI AM A MAN


  32. mey lamba hooI AM TALL


  33. mey aik marad hoo. mey aurat nahee hoo.I AM NOT OLD. I AM YOUNG.


  34. lambaYOUNG


  35. laraka thigina heyTHE BOY IS SHORT


  36. maradMAN


  37. boorhaOLD