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  1. The building is not blue
  2. The coin is silver
  3. The coin is gold
  4. The car is yellow
  5. The flower is purple
  6. The truck is not white
  7. It is silver
  8. The door is blue
  9. It is black
  10. It is gold
  11. The building is white
  12. The house is brown
  13. The tree is brown
  14. The house is not brown
  15. The truck is white
  16. The car is not black
  17. The wallet is black
  18. The flower is orange
  1. a wo car kala nahee hey
  2. b wo gare peela hey
  3. c wo makaan bhura hey
  4. d ye kala hey
  5. e wo sikka chandi hey
  6. f wo phool narangi hey
  7. g wo truck safed nahee hey
  8. h ye sona hey
  9. i wo emarat neela nahee hey
  10. j wo phool jamini hey
  11. k ye chandi hey
  12. l wo batwah kala hey
  13. m wo emarat safed hay
  14. n makaan bhura nahee hey
  15. o wo sikka sonay ka hey
  16. p wo darakt bhura hey
  17. q wo darvaza neela hey
  18. r wo truck safed hey