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  1. a man and a woman
  2. this is a flower
  3. this is a tree
  4. these are not silver coins
  5. a boy and a tree
  6. these are flowers
  7. a man and a boy
  8. these are trees
  9. these are houses
  10. this is a building
  11. this is a house
  12. this is a coin
  13. we are boys
  14. a man and a car
  15. we are men
  16. these are not gold coins
  17. these are buildings
  18. these are coins
  19. a man and a truck
  20. a girl and a flower
  1. a ye emeratayn hain
  2. b ye aik darakt hey
  3. c ye aik sikka hey
  4. d ye aik makaan hey
  5. e ye sikkay hain
  6. f aik maraad awr aik laraka
  7. g ye aik phool hey
  8. h ye chaandi kay sikkay nahee hain
  9. i aik laraka awr aik darakt
  10. j aik aadmi awr aik truck
  11. k ye phool hain
  12. l hum larakay hain
  13. m hum aadmi hain
  14. n aik maraad awr aik car
  15. o ye makaanat hain
  16. p ye aik emerat hey
  17. q aik maraad awr aik aurat
  18. r ye darakt hain
  19. s ye sonay kay sikkay nahee hain
  20. t aik lariki awr aik phool