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  1. swimming is the best exercise.
  2. may i come in?
  3. you have not seen this movie
  4. they may write the essay next month
  5. they always work as hard as donkeys
  6. it is impossible to get there by walking
  7. i would like to invite you to a (party; brithday party)
  8. you have met this person
  9. may I invite you to a...?
  10. it is eleven o'clock
  11. let's go to a movie!
  12. can they speak uyghur?
  13. my daughter will be happy if my mom comes
  14. I haven't eaten Langman
  15. i'm sorry. i can't do so
  16. sure
  17. can you ask somebody else?
  18. it is 10 minutes to nine
  19. Can I talk to him?
  20. i had seen this movie last year
  21. smoking is hazardous to your health
  22. if the weather is good, we will go on a picnic
  23. it is five past four
  24. if it rains, we will not go to the park
  25. it is 20 minutes past two
  26. these days they are living like kings
  27. now the kids may finally go to bed
  28. last week, a seven-kilogram baby was born in the Municipal Hospital
  29. could you please...
  30. you must give the tea to the guest first
  31. could you please repeat it?
  32. Alas, my mom did not come. If she had, my daughter would have been happy.
  33. sir, what time is it?
  34. let's go!
  35. if it is not difficult
  36. wonderful, you did a good job!
  37. he always dress up as a minister
  38. if you're happy, we'll be happy too
  39. if we dad doesn't come, we can't go to Urumchi
  40. have you ever heard the proverb, "good friendship formed in difficult times ends with the coming of leisure?"
  41. we usually stay at home if the weather is cloudy
  42. These two nations have fought many times, but now they are allies
  43. it is six o'clock
  44. they are teachers
  45. ok. let's go together!
  46. you do not need to go
  47. Can I get to Dongkowruk on this bus?
  48. come to our house!
  49. either you come or i'll go
  50. they may come
  51. god willing\\ we'll go a little later
  52. my mom was born in 1933
  53. one must bring a gift for the host
  54. Anwar can sing in both English and Russian
  55. if i were rich, i would run a factory
  56. can we go to the movie tonight?
  57. you must write your essays well!
  58. this is our teacher
  59. well said
  60. wow, what a beautiful new shirt you have!
  61. one shouldn't hit children
  62. He had never been to Ghulja
  63. speak less, listen
  64. can he come to the meeting
  65. tony had visited kashgar three times
  66. I consider Ziya Semediy a true writer
  67. she has been married
  68. the student has neither notebook nor pencil
  69. Shall we go to apark?
  70. it is 10 minutes past five
  71. can we finish this work by monday?
  72. i watched a movie in the theater on Sunday
  73. go ahead, please!
  74. we will do this if we have time.
  75. i heard that winter is very cold in Urumchi
  76. i cannot do this
  77. goodness, there are such heartless people in the world!
  78. it is ten past nine
  79. I have studied Tajiki, now I'm studying Arabic
  80. Our teacher speaks very fast
  81. i heard that poet Dolqun Yasin had passed away.
  82. one can't smoke at school
  83. in order to make samsa, one needs meat and onions
  84. can they understan Russian?
  85. You have not heard this story yet...
  86. can you buy melons from this market?
  87. can you make langman?
  88. i'll go home a little bit later
  89. we cannot go in if your dad is not at home
  90. if it is possible...
  91. thank you\\ i'll definitely go
  92. what time is it?
  93. can we cook by ourselves?
  94. she is a married woman
  95. in order to learn Uyghur better, one needs to practice more
  96. have you ever read the novel "bygone days"
  97. it is 5 minutes to six
  98. if he has money, he will go to paris
  99. sure (come in)
  100. it is15 minutes to three
  101. they know more than we do
  102. one musht entertain guests well
  103. no problem
  104. you can get the train ticket for free if you are a student
  105. do as you wish
  106. Just give me a second.
  107. Yusyo Khas Hajib was born in Balasaghun, Central Asia