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  1. woodwind instrument (double reed) aerophone
  2. stringed musical instrument
  3. "narrative songs" from folk narrative songs. Ornate form of oral history, teaches about how one person can protect their tribe.
  4. part of China inhabited by Turkic people and other Central Asians
  5. "great music". Type of song that starts with an intro sung in free meter. very melasmatic and ornamented
  6. type of bowed string instrument, long necked. (chordophone)
  7. faster sung pieces; consists of folk love poetry
  8. persian long necked lute has two strings (chordophone)
  9. small dulcimer plucked with a bone in one hand
  10. small double-reed shawm flute
  11. a stringed instrument, a long necked fretted lute (chordophone)
  12. pair of small cast-iron kettle drums played w/a pair of sticks
  13. stringed instrument (chordophone) 5 stringed instrument. A mobile instrument, taken by farmers, part of the nomadic tradition. Has 3 main parts and is played as part of everyday life, very cherished by the Uyghurs.
  14. best known musical form, made of 12 sections related to Uzbeki and Tajik forms. Built on a 7 note scale. A suite made up of song, dance, and stories
  15. frame drum (membranophone)
  16. cowhide violin w/bow