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  1. He's got a dog
  2. What is Jeans phone number?
  3. He lives in the town
  4. Are you going to Ddolgellau?
  5. Does he have a dog?
  6. Good night
  7. He's four
  8. She lives in the country
  9. Are you Gareth?
  10. Where do you work?
  11. We've got two sons
  12. And you?
  13. Nice to meet you
  14. Excuse me
  15. I'm not going to the pub
  16. I work in the bank
  17. What do you do?
  18. I don't live in Pontypool
  19. Your welcome
  20. Have you got a car?
  21. Is he Ian?
  22. He's a builder
  23. Does he work
  24. My brothers name is Nick
  25. I'm going to work
  26. Does he like playing squash?
  27. He's Helen's husband
  28. I don't like gardening
  29. She's a year (old)
  30. I live near Tesco
  31. I have three sons and one daughter
  32. Do you know his father?
  33. How are you?
  34. Who are you?
  35. Are you going swimming?
  36. She's going to relax
  37. My grandmothers name was Irene
  38. Where do you go swimming?
  39. I'm Leanne's husband
  40. He comes from Aberdare originally
  41. I'm going to see friends
  42. It's fine / nice
  43. It was fine yesterday
  44. She doesn't like dancing
  45. He doesn't like watching rugby
  46. How are things tonight?
  47. It will be warm tomorrow
  48. Has he got money?
  49. I'm going to Cardiff
  50. What is your brothers name?
  51. He's going home
  52. What is his phone number?
  53. She's Leanne's friend
  54. With whom do you go swimming?
  55. She hasn't got money
  56. What was your grandfathers name?
  57. Dr Bassett is my doctor
  58. What's her name?
  59. He's not going to the bank
  60. Where are you going over the holidays?
  61. She's Kim
  62. What was the weather like yesterday?
  63. It's raining
  64. He likes playing football
  65. They've got children
  66. Have you got time?
  67. What do you like doing in your spare time?
  68. I haven't got a car
  69. Is she going to Builth?
  70. Have you got any interests?
  71. How old is your daughter?
  72. How many children do you have?
  73. I have two children
  74. I work for Asda
  75. We've got a Ford
  76. We like running
  77. Where do you come from originally?
  78. Where's he going tomorrow night?
  79. What's your name?
  80. I live in Lampter
  81. Is he going to the class?
  82. It will be worse tomorrow
  83. Do you like swimming?
  84. Is it cold?
  85. Do you like cooking?Dych chi'n hoffi coginio?
  86. I 'm a teacher
  87. My husband
  88. Where does she live?
  89. I've got a VW
  90. Good afternoon
  91. My father
  92. What make is your car?
  93. She lives in a flat
  94. I have two sons and two daughters
  95. I like reading
  96. Do they have children?
  97. Goodbye
  98. I've got one daughter
  99. Where does she come from originally?
  100. What will the weather be like tomorrow?
  101. I work in a shop
  102. What does she do?
  103. She likes swimming
  104. John is the name of my boss
  105. Where do you live?
  106. My boyfriend / girlfriend
  107. What's your phone number?
  108. Good evening
  109. Good morning
  110. What's his name?
  111. He's David
  112. We haven't got enough space
  113. I have a son and a daughter
  114. What does he like doing in his spare time?
  115. Yes, he works as a gardener
  116. What's the weather like today?
  117. Who's he?
  118. I'm not going to the game
  119. Where are you going tomorrow?
  120. She's got a cat
  121. We don't like fishing
  122. I go swimming with a friend
  123. She's Kevin's partner
  124. I come from Ebbw Vale
  125. Whats your phone number?
  126. How old is her son?
  127. How many children do you have
  128. How are you today?
  129. I haven't got any children
  130. Yes, I know his father