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  • gaf i?

    can I?

    gymerai i ....?

    can I have ....?

    siŵr o fod

    sure to be
    for sure

    os gwelwch yn dda


    esgusodwch fi

    excuse me





    diolch yn fawr

    thanks a lot

    diolch yn fawr iawn

    thanks very much

    noswaith dda!

    good evening!

    gwaetha'r modd

    worse luck

    shwd y'ch chi?

    how are you?

    sut ydych chi?

    how are you?

    dw i wrth fy modd

    I'm in my element

    nos da!

    good night!



    braf cwrdd â chi

    nice to meet you (formal)

    braf cwrdd â ti

    nice to meet you (informal)



    da boch chi


    .... yn y dref

    .... in the town

    .... mewn hostel i fyfyrwyr

    .... in a student hostel

    .... mewn bwthyn

    .... in a cottage

    .... mewn tŷ

    .... in a house

    .... gyda phlant

    .... with children

    dymuniadau gorau!

    best wishes!

    gwela i chi!

    see you! (formal)

    gwela i ti!

    see you! (informal)

    iechyd da!

    good health!





    dyma 'ngwr i

    this is my husband

    dw i ar wyliau

    I'm on holiday

    dw i'n dod o ....

    I'm from ....

    Cymro ydw i

    I'm Welsh (m)

    Cymraes ydw i

    I'm Welsh (f)

    Beth yw'ch enw chi?

    what's your name (formal)

    gymera i ....

    I'll take ....

    .... ar fferm

    .... on a farm

    .... yn y wlad

    .... in the countryside

    esgusodwch fi!

    excuse me (formal)

    .... mewn carafán

    .... in a caravan

    diolch byth!

    thank goodness!

    dw i wedi ymddeol

    I'm retired

    mae'n bwrw hen wragedd a ffyn

    it's raining heavily
    it's raining cats and dogs

    dyma ....

    this is ....

    nid saes ydw i

    I'm not English

    dyma 'ngwraig i

    this is my wife

    bore da!

    good morning!

    hwyl fawr!

    have fun!

    a chi?

    and you? (formal)

    a ti?

    and you? (informal)

    pnaw'n da!

    good afternoon!

    dw i'n byw yn ....

    I live in ....

    .... mewn fflat

    .... in a flat

    .... ydw i

    I'm ....



    llawer o gariad

    lots of love

    iawn, diolch

    good, thanks

    da iawn, dioch

    very good, thanks

    fel pwll y môr

    nineteen to the dozen



    yn y tŷ

    in the house

    modd i fyw

    away to go

    dw i'n brysur

    I'm busy

    ymlaen a ni

    let's move on
    let's go on

    o'r gorau

    very well

    ers llawer dydd

    for a long time
    since a long time

    llawer gwaith

    many times

    dan eu sang

    full up
    full to the gills

    heb os nac oni bai

    without doubt
    without a shadow of doubt

    o'n blaen

    in front of us

    o'ch blaen

    in front of you

    dros y gwyliau

    over the holidays

    dros y penwythnos

    over the weekend

    a dweud y gwir

    in fact
    to tell the truth

    trwy'r dydd, pob dydd

    all day, every day

    trafod y tywydd

    discussing the weather

    oedd hi'n braf? (oedd / nac oedd) (tywydd)

    was it fine? (yes / no) (weather)

    mae hi'n ddiflas, on'd yw hi (tywydd)

    it's miserable, isn't it (weather)

    roedd hi'n waeth ddoe (tywydd)

    it was worse yesterday (weather)

    roedd hi'n braf ddoe (tywydd)

    it was fine yesterday (weather)

    roedd hi'n well ddoe (tywydd)

    it was better yesterday (weather)

    roedd hi'n wyntog ddoe (tywydd)

    it was windy yesterday (weather)

    sut oedd y tywydd ddoe?

    what was the weather like yesterday?

    bydd hi'n waeth yfory (weather)

    it will be worse tomorrow (weather)

    bydd hi'n well yfory (weather)

    it will be better tomorrow (weather)

    bydd hi'n bwrw glaw yfory

    it will be raining tomorrow

    bydd hi'n dwym yfory (tywydd)

    it will be warm tomorrow (weather)

    mae hi'n gynnes (mae'n gynnes) (weather)

    it's warm (weather)

    mae hi'n sych (mae'n sych) (weather)

    it's dry (weather)

    mae hi'n braf (mae'n braf) (weather)

    it's fine (weather)
    it's nice (weather)

    mae hi'n bwrw glaw (mae'n bwrw glaw)

    it's raining

    mae hi'n wyntog (mae'n wyntog)

    it's windy

    mae hi'n stormus (mae'n stormus)

    it's stormy

    dyw hi ddim yn wlyb (tywydd)

    it's not wet (weather)

    mae hi'n wlyb (mae'n wlyb) (tywydd)

    it's wet (weather)

    mae hi'n oer (mae'n oer) (tywydd)

    it's cold (weather)

    sut mae'r tywydd heddiw?

    what's the weather like today?

    mae hi'n ddiflas (mae'n ddiflas) (tywydd)

    it's miserable (weather)

    mae hi'n bwrw cesair (mae'n bwrw cesair)

    it's hailing (weather)

    mae hi'n bwrw eira (mae'n bwrw eira)

    it's snowing

    mae hi'n niwlog (mae'n niwlog)

    it's foggy

    mae hi'n dwym (mae'n dwym) (tywydd)

    it's hot (weather)

    dyw hi ddim yn stormus

    it's not stormy

    dyw hi ddim yn braf iawn (tywydd)

    it's not very nice (weather)

    ydy hi'n oer? (ydy / nac ydy) (tywydd)

    is it cold? (yes/no) (weather)

    beth dych chi'n wneud yfory?

    what are you doing tomorrow? (formal + plural)

    mae hi'n heulog (mae'n heulog)

    it's sunny

    on'd yw hi?

    isn't it?

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