Welsh phrases from for Cwrs Mynediad units 1-15


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  • How are you?

    Sut mae?

    Good morning

    Bore da

    Good afternoon

    Prynhawn da

    Good evening

    Noswaith dda

    Good night

    Nos da


    Hwyl / da boch chi

    Who are you?

    Pwy dych chi?

    Nice to meet you

    Braf cwrdd a chi

    What's your name?

    Beth yw'ch enw chi?

    Are you Gareth?

    Gareth dych chi?

    What's your phone number?

    Beth yw'ch rhif ffon chi?

    Where do you live?

    Ble dych chi'n byw?

    I live in Lampter

    Dw i'n byw yn Lampter

    I live near Tesco

    Dw i'n byw ar bwys Tesco

    I don't live in Pontypool

    Dw i ddim yn byw yn Pontypool

    Where do you come from originally?

    O ble dych chi'n dod yn wreiddiol?

    I come from Ebbw Vale

    Dw i'n dod o Glyn Ebbw

    What do you do?

    Beth dych chi'n wneud?

    I 'm a teacher

    Athro dw i

    Where do you work?

    Ble dych chi'n gweithio?

    I work in a shop

    Dw i'n gweithio mewn shop

    I work in the bank

    Dw i'n gweithio yn y banc

    I work for Asda

    Dw i'n gweithio i Asda

    What's his name?

    Beth yw ei enw e?

    What's her name?

    Beth yw ei henw hi?

    He's David

    David yw e

    She's Kim

    Kim yw hi

    Who's he?

    Pwy yw e?

    Is he Ian?

    Ian yw e?

    What is his phone number?

    Beth yw ei rif ffon e?

    What is Jeans phone number?

    Beth yw rhif ffon Jean

    Where does she live?

    Ble mae hi'n byw?

    She lives in a flat

    Mae hi'n byw mewn fflat

    He lives in the town

    Mae e'n byw yn y dre

    She lives in the country

    Mae hi'n byw yn y wlad

    Where does she come from originally?

    O ble mae hi'n byw dod yn wreiddiol?

    He comes from Aberdare originally

    Mae e'n dod o Aberdare

    What does she do?

    Beth mae hi'n wneud

    He's a builder

    Adeiladwr yw hi

    Does he work

    Ydy e'n gweithio?

    Yes, he works as a gardener

    Ydy, mae e'n gweithio fel garddwr

    Your welcome


    How are things tonight?

    Sut mae heno

    How are you today?

    Sut dych chi heddiw?

    Excuse me

    Esgusodwch fi

    I'm Leanne's husband

    Gwr Leanne dw i

    He's Helen's husband

    Gwr Helen yw e

    She's Kevin's partner

    Partner Kevin yw hi

    She's Leanne's friend

    Ffrind Leanne yw hi

    I'm going to Cardiff

    Dw i'n mynd i Gaerdydd

    I'm going to see friends

    Dw i'n mynd i weld ffrindiau

    I'm going to work

    Dw i'n mynd i gwaith

    I'm not going to the game

    Dw i ddim yn mynd i'r gem

    I'm not going to the pub

    Dw i ddim yn mynd i'r dafarn

    Where are you going tomorrow?

    Ble dych chi'n mynd yfory?

    Where are you going over the holidays?

    Ble wyt ti'n

    And you?

    A chi?

    Are you going to Ddolgellau?

    Dych chi'n mynd i Ddolgellau?

    Are you going swimming?

    wyt ti'n mynd i nofio?

    He's going home

    Mae e'n mynd adre

    She's going to relax

    Mae hi'm mynd i ymlacio

    He's not going to the bank

    Dyw e ddim yn mynd i'r banc

    Where's he going tomorrow night?

    Ble mae e'n mynd nos yfory?

    Is he going to the class?

    ydy e'n mynd i'r dosbarth?

    Is she going to Builth?

    Ydy hi'n mynd i Builth

    What's the weather like today?

    Sut mae'r tywydd heddiw?

    It's fine / nice

    Mae hi'n braf

    It's raining

    Mae bwrw glaw

    Is it cold?

    Ydy hi'n oer?

    What was the weather like yesterday?

    Sut oedd y tywydd ddoe?

    It was fine yesterday

    Roedd hi'n braf ddoe

    What will the weather be like tomorrow?

    Sut bydd y tywydd yfory?

    It will be warm tomorrow

    Bydd hi'n dwym yfory

    It will be worse tomorrow

    Bydd hi'n waeth yfory

    What do you like doing in your spare time?

    Beth dych chi'n hoffi wneud yn eich amser sbar?

    I like reading

    Dw i'n hoffi darllen

    We like running

    Dyn ni'n hoffi rhedeg

    Do you like swimming?

    Wyt ti'n hoffi nofio?

    Do you like cooking?Dych chi'n hoffi coginio?

    Dych chi'n hoffi coginio?

    I don't like gardening

    Dw i ddim yn hoffi garddio

    We don't like fishing

    Dyn i ddim yn hoffi pysgota

    What does he like doing in his spare time?

    Beth mae e'n hoffi wneud yn ei amser sbar?

    She likes swimming

    Mae hi'n hoffi nofio

    He likes playing football

    Mae e'n hoffi chwarae pel-droed

    Does he like playing squash?

    Ydy e'n hoffi chwarae sboncen?

    He doesn't like watching rugby

    Dyw e ddim yn hoffi edrych ar rygbi

    She doesn't like dancing

    Dyw hi ddim yn hoffi dawnsio

    I've got a VW

    Mae VW gyda fi

    We've got a Ford

    Mae Ford gyda ni

    I haven't got a car

    Does ddim car gyda fi

    Have you got a car?

    Oes car gyda ti?

    I've got one daughter

    Mae un ferch gyda fi

    We've got two sons

    Mae dau fab gyda ni

    I haven't got any children

    Does ddim plant gyda fi

    How many children do you have?

    Faint o blant sy gyda ti

    He's got a dog

    Mae ci gyda fe

    She's got a cat

    Mae cath gyda hi

    They've got children

    Mae plant gyda nhw

    She hasn't got money

    Does ddim arian gyda hi

    Does he have a dog?

    Oes ci gyda fe?

    Do they have children?

    Oes plant gyda nhw?

    Have you got any interests?

    Oes diddordebau gyda ti?

    Where do you go swimming?

    Ble dych chi'n mynd i nofio?

    With whom do you go swimming?

    Gyda phwy wyt ti'n mynd i nofio?

    I go swimming with a friend

    Dw i'n mynd i nofio gyda ffrind

    Have you got time?

    Oes amser gyda chi?

    Has he got money?

    Oes arian gyda fe?

    We haven't got enough space

    Does ddim digon o le gyda ni

    How many children do you have

    Faint o blant sy gyda ti

    I have two children

    Mae dau o blant gyda fi

    I have a son and a daughter

    Mae mab a merch gyda fi

    I have two sons and two daughters

    Mae dau faba dwy ferch gyda fi

    I have three sons and one daughter

    Mae tri mab ac un ferch gyda fi

    My father

    Fy nhad i

    My husband

    Fy ngwr i

    My boyfriend / girlfriend

    Fy nghariad i

    My brothers name is Nick

    Nich yw enw fy mrawd i

    My grandmothers name was Irene

    Irene oedd enw fy man-gu i

    What is your brothers name?

    Beth yw eich brawd chi?

    What was your grandfathers name?

    Beth oedd enw eich tad-cu chi

    Dr Bassett is my doctor

    Dr Basset yw fy noctor i

    John is the name of my boss

    John yw enw fy mos i

    Whats your phone number?

    Beth yw dy rif ffon di?

    What make is your car?

    Beth yw mec dy gar di?

    How old is your daughter?

    Faint yw oedran ei ferch e?

    She's a year (old)

    Mae hi'n flwydd oed

    How old is her son?

    Faint yw oedran ei mab hi?

    He's four

    Mae e'n bedair oed

    Do you know his father?

    Dych chi's nabod ei dad e?

    Yes, I know his father

    Ydy, dw i'n nabod ei dad e

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