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  1. a round loaf of bread
  2. nothing at all, worthless
  3. an expert
  4. penis (more offensive than shmuck), also a fool, jerk, simpleton
  5. a blessing prayer of thanksgiving and praise
  6. a little city or town, usually consisting of only Jews. Ex: The Pale of Settlement
  7. Feast of Dedication
  8. a trinket
  9. Jew from Lithuania, thin/dry/humorless, a learned but skeptical sort, a shrewd clever fellow, a sharp trader
  10. a village of endearing fools
  11. thief/crook, clever person, ingenious child, dishonest businessman, a shady tricky character, a mischievous fun-loving prankster
  12. someone from the same hometown, also another Jew
  13. cozy, warm, most frequently used to mean unpretentious, unspoiled by office or honors
  14. a side dish of mixed cooked fruits and vegetables
  15. money
  16. bed-wetter, young and inexperienced person, insignificant person (a nobody)
  17. slang used by Ashkenazic Jews for a German
  18. peace, hello, goodbye
  19. black man
  20. Jewish law without Biblical citations, all the laws of the written and oral Torah
  21. to comment while watching a game, to joke/fool around, to carry on a running commentary while someone is working
  22. a chronically unlucky person
  23. to complain
  24. to beam with immense pride over a child's achievements or to gloat over someone else's defeat
  25. to swear, also a show-off
  26. a demon, succubus, inhabits bodies, can be exorcised
  27. a child born to a married woman whose husband is not the father, also an untrustworthy person, stubborn/difficult man, clever person impudent, irreverent, detestable
  28. to keep something from happening
  29. a professional matchmaker
  30. to slide
  31. a braided bread, especially eaten on Shabbes
  32. to snack, nibble
  33. to bore, pester, nag
  34. unadmirable/petty person, untalented person, a suck up
  35. black, unfortunate/unhappy, ominous/gloomy, unskilled, contraband merchandise
  36. to pray, prayer, also to argue over/nitpick
  37. Jewish dietary restrictions
  38. sprinkle, spray
  39. a young man who is a student at a yeshiva (college for Talmudic study), a scholarly, shy, unworldly type, a naive, gullible type
  40. a synagogue
  41. a biblical coin, any coin or money
  42. a detective
  43. coarse, insensitive, ill-mannered person, clumsy person
  44. honors the Torah, new beginning of consecutive weekly Torah readings; read last chapters of Deuteronomy and 1st of Genesis because the Torah has no beginning or end
  45. insanity, craziness, nonsense
  46. a pest, nag, bore
  47. overcome with emotion, at a loss for words due to emotion
  48. someone who arranges, fixes, has connections or someone who is active in an organization
  49. paint, smear, spread
  50. a gentile, a non-Jewish person
  51. a man, an upright fellow
  52. Day of Atonement; fast and repent sins before God
  53. to drag or lag behind
  54. black woman
  55. a timid, passive, unassertive type, sad sack, someone pities
  56. nose
  57. Portuguese or Spanish Jews or their descendants
  58. children
  59. a long speech/sales pitch or story intended to persuade
  60. another name for Esther, also the Women's Zionist Organization of American founded in 1912
  61. a robot/lifeless figure, a simpleton/fool, a clumsy person, a slow moving person, a graceless person
  62. an animal not slain according to ritual kosher laws, any food that is not kosher like pork and shrimp
  63. penis, smart, neat, stupid, a dope; more vulgar in Yiddish than English
  64. rear end, butt
  65. the "servant" or attendant of the synagogue, also a detective/policeman (like public servant), also the 9th candle on the menorah
  66. can be used in a variety of situations for nearly everything
  67. the rabbi's wife
  68. dairy foods
  69. The Sabbath (Friday night to Saturday night)
  70. neutral, as in foods with no animals or dairy products and can thus be consumed with any other food
  71. holiday, celebration, festivity
  72. a professional beggar
  73. the feast of dedication
  74. a non-Jewish women or a Jewish woman who is not pious
  75. a pancake rolled around a filling, similar to a crepe
  76. troubles, woes, suffering
  77. crazy
  78. smoked salmon
  79. cooking fat, chicken fat
  80. 9th day of month "Av," commemorates destruction of 1st and 2nd temples, day of fasting, no meat, no laughing
  81. clumsy
  82. nerve
  83. unleavened bread
  84. explode, burst
  85. foolish person/simpleton, consistently unlucky or unfortunate person, clumsy person, pipsqueak, naive/gullible customer, person who makes a foolish bargain
  86. gossipy chat
  87. the Festival of Weeks, Pentecost, anniversary of covenant between God and Israel on Mount Sinai; read part of Exodus and eat dairy dishes
  88. rabbi
  89. the Jewish new year
  90. proud pleasure, special joy, particularly from the achievements of a child, psychological reward/gratification
  91. to push, press, shove, also to fornicate
  92. The Book of Esther, also the Book of Ruth, also anything very long with too much detail
  93. the minimum number of people needed for something, also specifically the ten male of age Jews required for a religious service
  94. well then? go on! what's up? etc.
  95. unnecessary hairsplitting, nitpicking; also a type of Talmudic study, debate
  96. a box containing scrolls with verses from Deuteronomy; to touch going in and out of the house to remind self of god's laws in both in and outside of the home
  97. rear end, tush
  98. Passover
  99. head covering worn out of respect to God, not technically required by Jewish law
  100. rascal, scoundrel, a non-Jewish boy or young man
  101. a woman of low origins or vulgar manners, gossipy woman
  102. arranged marriage
  103. shoddy, cheaply made item, defective or fake article, an object once cheated over, a disagreeable person
  104. juicy, provocative, seminal, plump
  105. a name for God
  106. family or ancestors
  107. the feast of lots; began with Esther and The Book of Esther
  108. short, weak, thin young men, opposite of a mentch, someone who can't succeed but thinks he can
  109. a cooperative settlement of farmers in Israel, based on ideals of socialism, Zionism
  110. diminutive of "boy," also one who cuts corners
  111. alas! too bad! poor thing! or... and innocuous, ineffectual, week, helpless person, sad sack, loser, nothing
  112. circumcision and the ceremony where it occurs
  113. a boob/hapless clumsy unlucky jerk, the butt of a joke
  114. a dough pastry filled with cheese or meat
  115. meats, poultry, or foods prepared with animal fats, cannot be eaten with dairy, opposite of pareve
  116. booths, Festival of Tabernacles, eating meals outside in
  117. congratulations! thank God! origins in astrology