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  1. (v.) Complain, whine or fret; literally "to press or squeeze"
  2. (n.) A non-Jew/non-jewish act, Gentile
  3. (n.) Serious troubles, not minor annoyances
  4. (n.) Nerve or extreme arrogance
  5. (n.) Someone with constant bad luck
  6. (adj.) Something acceptable to orthodox jews, usually relating to food
  7. (v.) To drag/carry unwillingly
  8. (v.) Chat small talk, used to (often unsuccessfully) impress
  9. (n.) Routine, actor's bit
  10. (n.) Non-jewish woman, derogatory
  11. (n.) Honorable or decent person
  12. (n.) Expert, used sarcastically
  13. (n.) Something cheap(in quality)
  14. (n.) Insanity or craziness
  15. (v.) To explode in aggravations, collapse
  16. (n.) Sales pitch
  17. (n.) Dirt, smudge
  18. (n.) Trivial, worthless; literally "goat or horse droppings"
  19. (n.) Female busybody/gossip
  20. (adj.) Excessively senimental, gushing flattering. Over the top corny
  21. (n.) Clumsy, inept person