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  1. holy men who can, for example, perform miracles
  2. genre of music played in traditional eastern European Jewish communities
  3. intent
  4. Devout religious
  5. a small Jewish town or village in eastern Europe
  6. movement during prayer
  7. Handkerchief/head scarf
  8. little house of study
  9. a rabbi, especially a religious leader of the Hasidic sect
  10. small house of prayer where Jews congregate
  11. Long black robe made of silk or satin
  12. principle that Hasidim are hoping to achieve
    - hoping to be adhered/stuck to God
  13. fur hat worn by many married Jewish men
  14. a wig
  15. Adoneinu, Moreinu, Rabbeinu - a Jewish spiritual leader
  1. a Klezmer
  2. b Shtibl
  3. c Kavanah
  4. d Tzadik
  5. e Shukling
  6. f Kapote
  7. g Shtetl
  8. h Kloyz
  9. i Shtreiml
  10. j Tikhl
  11. k Rebbe
  12. l Shaytl
  13. m Devekut
  14. n Admor
  15. o Hasid