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  1. Blessed with children
  2. A nobody!
  3. Fringes attached to the four corners of the tallis
  4. This too is a living! This you call a living?
  5. Quick, quickly
  6. You're welcome!
  7. What does it matter to you? Does it matter to you?
  8. Pious person
  9. - My heart told me. I predicted it.
  10. Strong, brave
  11. Good, common sense! (Lit., A head on the shoulders!)
  12. To do all the talking (To have the greatest say or authority)
  13. Don't do me any favors.
  14. Cross-eyed
  15. You understand?
  16. Dirt, slime
  17. a little bit.
  18. Giving you the business; bribe; soft-soap; sweet-talk (Lit., to salt)
  19. Eat like a pig, devour
  20. Refers to a mixed-up or shaken item. Generally indicates something of little or dubious value.
  21. Don't worry; doesn't worry
  22. Hi falutin'
  23. Crazy
  24. Alas and alack: woe be to it!
  25. It is not becoming. It is not fitting.
  26. You can't pee on my back and tell me that it's rain!
  27. I should know as little about trouble (as I know about what you are asking me)
  28. To eat
  29. Plucked! Milked!
  30. Noodles
  31. It's none of your business.
  32. Shriek, scream, screech
  33. Bedbug; (slang) a nobody
  34. Parents
  35. - Slap in the face
  36. Careless dresser, untidy person; as a verb, to idle or lounge around
  37. Bath, bathtub
  38. Thank G-d!
  39. Wound
  40. Person who has no business, trade, calling, nor income.
  41. Go drive yourself crazy!
  42. Someone with constant bad luck. When the shlemiel spills his soup, he probably spills it on the shlimazel. Fans of the TV sitcom "Laverne and Shirley" remember these two words from the Yiddish-American hopscotch chant that opened each show.
  43. A friendly face
  44. Impossible!
  45. Too much! Too costly!
  46. Soul condemned to wander for a time in this world because of it's sins.
  47. Mother-In-Law
  48. Persons of high standing
  49. Nothing of value (Lit., a pinch of snuff)
  50. Big deal! Sarcastic; lit., A piece of luck happened to you.
  51. Swollen, puffed up (Also applied to person with haughty pride)
  52. A jerk; a foolish, stupid or unknowing person, second rate, inferior.
  53. Eye
  54. Jew who does not abide by Jewish law (derisive, scornful expression
  55. Believe me!
  56. Vagina
  57. Spinning top used in a game that is associated with the holiday of Chanukah.
  58. Choke yourself!
  59. Bad odor, stink
  60. Brunhilde, a big healthy dame
  61. An (absolutely) true tale
  62. A punch
  63. Watchman; historically refers also to the armed Jewish watchman in the early agricultural settlements in the Holy Land
  64. Mean, cheap
  65. Listen! Hold on! How is that? How is that possible? How come?
  66. G-d in heaven
  67. Simulate spitting three times to avoid the evil eye
  68. Chopped meat
  69. Yeshiva students would arrange to be fed by various householders on a daily basis in different houses. (Lit., Eat days)
  70. - Baby son; endearing term for a boy or man
  71. to stuff/have sex
  72. To look out for; to guard; to mind (Lit., To throw an eye at)
  73. - Buffoon
  74. - Pins and needles
  75. Chaste
  76. Lost
  77. He should burn up!
  78. To be sparing, miserly
  79. Not a word for polite company. Bubkes or bobkes may be related to the Polish word for "beans", but it really means "goat droppings" or "horse droppings." It's often used by American Jews for "trivial, worthless, useless, a ridiculously small amount" - less than nothing, so to speak. "After all the work I did, I got bupkes!"
  80. Fool
  81. Cluttered, disordered
  82. Scatterbrain
  83. Quiet
  84. He eats as if he just recovered from a sickness.
  85. A beggar who makes pretensions to respectability; sponger, a parasite
  86. Shut one's eyes to....., connive at......, wink at.....
  87. Bad luck. (LIT., A black year)
  88. Brazenness, gall, baitzim
  89. Really! Is that so? Certainly!
  90. To faint
  91. It is (too) late.
  92. A jerk, a stupid person, popularized in The Last Unicorn and Welcome Back Kotter.
  93. Spiteful person
  94. Absentminded: getting senile
  95. Shoddy
  96. Trickster, shady operator
  97. - I like it. (Lit., It pleases, me.)
  98. Mean spirited, valueless Lit.crap on a plate.
  99. Little fruit and nut coffee rolls
  100. Cursed, accursed; punished
  101. Work
  102. Outcast, bad person
  103. Keep moving!
  104. Friend,
  105. In good health
  106. Woe is me!
  107. Smart person. Literally means "Jewish head." I don't want to know what goyisher kop means.
  108. Toddler, small child
  109. Navel, belly button
  110. Money
  111. Recite prayer over lit candles on Sabbath eve or Holy Day candles
  112. A hag, a mare; worthless
  113. Moldy or rotten. An analogous meaning could be that a person's mind has become senile.
  114. Dirty, soiled
  115. Talk your heart out!
  116. May you explode
  117. Sweet soul
  118. Strong as a horse
  119. Embittered; bitter person
  120. Catch him!
  121. Literally, to explode, as in aggravation. "Well, don't plotz!" is similar to "Don't have a stroke!" or "Don't have a cow!" Also used in expressions such as, "Oy, am I tired; I just ran the four-minute mile. I could just plotz." That is, collapse.
  122. A foul, soul-smelling fart.
  123. Excessively sentimental, gushing, flattering, over-the-top, corny. This word describes some of Hollywood's most famous films. From shmaltz, which means chicken fat or grease.
  124. good soul
  125. Person who drops whatever he touches
  126. Relatives
  127. A big shot
  128. - I'm about to faint (from sheer exhaustion)
  129. Conceited: peevish, sulky, pouting
  130. Serves him right!
  131. elderly person
  132. Disappointment, sorrow
  133. tired
  134. Shrew (Lit., a bad wife)
  135. Distressed, worried, full of care, anxiety
  136. hot shot
  137. To suffer
  138. - In private, face-to-face
  139. Man built like an ox; boorish, coarse, rude person
  140. Little box for coins
  141. That's how it goes!
  142. Much ado about nothing! Impossible! (Lit., In heaven there's a big fair!)
  143. Statue
  144. chat, tete-a-tete, telling tales
  145. a baleboosteh squared; a regular Martha Stewart. A homemaker who puts the rest of us to shame.
  146. Not necessary
  147. Get rid of
  148. Hanger-on, unwanted follower
  149. Go away
  150. A gossip
  151. Please
  152. Livelihood
  153. Testicles
  154. I despise you! Go to the devil! (Lit., I whistle on you!)
  155. Shove, push, bang! Also slang for a sexual experience (taboo)
  156. Wee, tiny
  157. Tricky, sharp, crooked actions or doings
  158. Grease or fat; (slang) flattery; to sweet talk, overly praise, dramatic
  159. hopefully lost or confused. Dreck is also an important word, means inferior product or worse..
  160. Taste, flavor; good taste
  161. Idler, loafer
  162. Little nothing
  163. Crazy people
  164. Lost, bewildered, confused
  165. Fever
  166. - He ruins it.
  167. A buzzing in one's (mind) head
  168. - Highly excitable person; always on the go
  169. Braggart
  170. Amen
  171. Toes
  172. Insanity or craziness. A meshugener is a crazy man. If you want to insult someone, you can ask them, "Does it hurt to be crazy?"
  173. To beat up
  174. Impudent fellow
  175. Whorehouse
  176. Little bride
  177. Shove (or stick) it up your rectum (ass)!
  178. Nothing
  179. Dirt - a little dirt, not serious grime. If a little boy has shmutz on his face, and he likely will, his mother will quickly wipe it off. It can also mean dirty language. It's not nice to talk shmutz about shmutz.
  180. Don't be an idiot! Don't be a damn fool!
  181. He's (it's) gone! Forget it! Nonsense! (Lit., a yesterday's day)
  182. Middle finger
  183. Compassions, mercy, pity
  184. - Long winter underwear
  185. neither here nor there
  186. Dullard
  187. Prayer in commemoration of the dead (Lit., May God remember.)
  188. Long coat worn by religious Jews
  189. Luckless person. Unlucky person; one with perpetual bad luck (it is said that the shlemiel spills the soup on the shlimazel!)
  190. Come in!
  191. Don't get on my nerves (Lit., Don't bang my teapot.)
  192. Big deal! (derisive)
  193. no wedding no sex
  194. Utter misery
  195. Shame or disgrace
  196. For spite
  197. I'll give you nothing! (Lit., I'll give you malaria or a fever.)
  198. - Man thinks (plans) and God laughs
  199. Crook, thief, burglar, swindler, racketeer
  200. A clumsy, inept person, similar to a klutz (also a Yiddish word). The kind of person who always spills his soup.
  201. Dizzy, unsteady
  202. Evil woman. Probably derived from cholera.
  203. Little prig (Lit., A little nothing)
  204. Peddler (from house to house)
  205. - A sad sack!
  206. A chronic ailment
  207. which is a rag or inferior clothing [also the Apparel Business is known as the 'Shmatteh' Trade]
  208. Floorshow
  209. This pleases me
  210. Shut up! Quiet. (Lit., Shut your mouth.)
  211. Omelet, scrambled eggs
  212. Here! Take it. There you have it.
  213. I'm sorry. (Lit., It sorrows me)
  214. Beloved
  215. Group of non-Jewish persons
  216. Cluttered, disordered, scribbled, sloppy, muddled, overly-done
  217. Absolutely nothing; it's not worth anything.
  218. be well
  219. To tear, rip
  220. Day school
  221. Friendly term for anybody you like
  222. Brave
  223. A wild one; a wild person
  224. Bum (fem.)
  225. To lounge around; waste time
  226. Mother's favorite! Mother's pet!
  227. No big deal!
  228. Blues singer, a moaner
  229. An ache
  230. A good homemaker, a woman who's in charge of her home and will make sure you remember it.
  231. A tall person (a long noodle)
  232. Breast, teat, udder
  233. (mach-uh-shay-feh): a witch, a conjurer, someone with psychic or supernatural powers.
  234. Animal, cow (when referring to a human deing, means dull-witted)
  235. A misfortune; (masc) A born loser; an unlucky one
  236. Heartbroken
  237. - Good luck!
  238. An expression of disgust or disapproval, representative of the sound of spitting.
  239. Unmarried girl, teenager
  240. Father dear
  241. Good health to you (lit., Good health on your head)
  242. I wish it could be said about me!
  243. Bum (masc.)
  244. Don't bother me! (Lit., Don't twist my head)
  245. big shot, person with access to authorities, man with contacts.
  246. What difference does it make as long as he makes a living? (Lit., nifter means deceased.)
  247. Cheap, shoddy, or inferior, as in, "I don't know why I bought this schlocky souvenir."
  248. Forbidden food, impure, contrary to the Jewish dietary laws, non-kosher
  249. Long may you live!
  250. Gaggy, talkative woman; female blabbermouth
  251. Cripple; misfit; also, anybody not good at their craft or sport
  252. What does it mean?
  253. Go f yourself
  254. leave them be
  255. Oh, what a disaster (Oh S**T! an expletive)
  256. Princess; finicky girl; (having airs, giving airs; being snooty) prima donna!
  257. Tasty, delicious
  258. Tired out
  259. Inspector, overseer or supervisor of Kashruth in restaurants & hotels.
  260. - Sweetheart, dearest
  261. Hole in the head.
  262. Petulant, excitable
  263. means a "thigamabob" or a "doodad," but has nothing to do with filth.
  264. Big deal! Sarcastic; lit., A piece of luck happened to you
  265. buxom/hefty good way
  266. They don't let you live!
  267. Urine
  268. Debauchee
  269. It shouldn't happen! (Same as nishtu gedacht)
  270. Festive, holiday-ish; sharp (referring to clothes)
  271. Crazy, wild, overwhelmed with too many choices
  272. Naive person, easy to deceive; a goof (Americanism)
  273. Come upper, upstart
  274. an unfortunate nobody who gets picked on
  275. Someone without a trade or a regular means of livelihood
  276. - The sneeze confirmed the truth!
  277. Remember?
  278. Sour cream; Cream
  279. Fan
  280. In Yiddish, it's spelled kibets, and it's related to the Hebrew "kibbutz" or "collective." But it can also mean verbal joking, which after all is a collective activity. It didn't originally mean giving unwanted advice about someone else's game - that's an American innovation.
  281. Bothersome hanger-on
  282. Look out!
  283. Very wealthy
  284. To sing
  285. Pregnant
  286. To tremble
  287. Grandfather
  288. is like oy vey, but expresses fear, shock or amazement. When you realize you're about to be hit by a car, this expression would be appropriate.
  289. Serious troubles, not minor annoyances. Plagues of lice, gnats, flies, locusts, hail, death... now, those were tsuris.
  290. Trifles, folly
  291. Narrowly achieved (Lit., hardly lived to see)
  292. Skinny, emaciated
  293. Buffoon, idiot, fool
  294. Button, knot; hymen, virginity; money tied in a knot in a handkerchief
  295. stuffed
  296. What's new?
  297. Man of distinguished lineage, highly connected person, privileged character
  298. Ignorant boor, coarse person, vulgar man
  299. Excitable person
  300. means "Oh, woe is me."
  301. - It is conceivable. It is imaginable.
  302. You should live so!
  303. Cheap, inexpensive
  304. It isn't proper.
  305. Long distance operator
  306. An expert, often used sarcastically.
  307. Hearty laugh (sarcastically, Some laughter!)
  308. Break a leg!
  309. Work hard, sweat out a job, suffer
  310. Scattered
  311. A lively person
  312. A play, drama
  313. - Hanger-on
  314. Frozen
  315. Let it be! That's all!
  316. Confusion, noise, uproar
  317. Ugly thing or person.
  318. An extreme pleasure, orgasmic, out of this world wonderful!
  319. Who knows?
  320. To use
  321. Often used as an insulting word for a self-made fool, but you shouldn't use it in polite company at all, since it refers to male anatomy.
  322. Brother-in-law
  323. Go take a bath! Go jump in the lake!
  324. Skin someone alive (Lit., to tear the skin)
  325. Loaded, drunk
  326. Baked dumplings filled with potato, meat, liver or barley
  327. Go to hell!
  328. Mystery meat
  329. Deception
  330. A cutie-pie showing off her (new) dress.
  331. If my grandmother had testicles she would be my grandfather.
  332. Look at him!
  333. He's a low down good-for-nothing.
  334. . - It shouldn't come to pass.
  335. Very wealthy; (Lit., stuffed with money)
  336. A lazy person has to do a task twice
  337. Thank G-d
  338. Non-Jewish girl
  339. Quiet, respectable, well mannered
  340. How goes it? How are things? How's tricks?
  341. Atonement sacrifice; forgiveness; (slang) good for nothing
  342. Worn out, fatigued, exhausted
  343. which is a big talker, full of hot air, without the ability to back it up
  344. Canopy under which a bride and groom stand during marriage ceremony.
  345. You should grow like an onion with your head in the ground.
  346. To be miserly
  347. - Non-Jewish boy; wild Jewish boy
  348. What's your name?
  349. For better, for worse
  350. Gentile woman
  1. a Behaimeh
  2. b Ois-shteler
  3. c Platsin zuls du
  4. d Opnarer
  5. e Baitsim
  6. f Az di bobe volt gehat beytsim volt zi geven mayn zeyde!
  7. g K'nishes
  8. h Gezunterhait
  9. i Gantseh megilleh
  10. j K'nippel
  11. k A gezunt ahf dein kop!
  12. l Farblondzhet
  13. m Geshvollen
  14. n Zol zein!
  15. o Shlogen
  16. p Nifter-shmifter, a leben macht er?
  17. q Farshmeieter
  18. r Butchke
  19. s Trenen
  20. t Chaptsem
  21. u nebbish
  22. v Kadoches
  23. w Shmegegi
  24. x Freint
  25. y Oybershter in himmel
  26. z Genaivisheh shtiklech
  27. aa Tsum glik, tsum shlimazel
  28. ab Danken Got!
  29. ac Ich gai chaleshen bald avek
  30. ad maven
  31. ae Zol ze vaksen ze ve a tsibble mit de kopin dreid
  32. af Hit zich!
  33. ag Dine Essen teg
  34. ah Bohmer
  35. ai macher
  36. aj A feier zol im trefen
  37. ak G'nossen tsum emess!
  38. al Bubee
  39. am Dos gefelt mir
  40. an Shpilkes
  41. ao Oysvurf
  42. ap Smetteneh
  43. aq Farmatert
  44. ar Goyim
  45. as Ich zol azoy vissen fun tsores.
  46. at Parshiveh
  47. au Krechtser
  48. av Fardeiget
  49. aw Zetz
  50. ax Shtup es in toches! (taboo)
  51. ay Vund
  52. az Tsaloochesnik
  53. ba Hoizirer
  54. bb zaftig
  55. bc Prietzteh
  56. bd Ahf mir gezogt!
  57. be Yontefdik
  58. bf Der oyg
  59. bg nishtikeit!
  60. bh A chorbn
  61. bi Gelibteh
  62. bj alter kocker
  63. bk A klog iz mir!
  64. bl A glick hot dich getrofen!
  65. bm k'nocker
  66. bn schlock
  67. bo Lezem gayne
  68. bp Ongeshtopt
  69. bq Mieskeit
  70. br Prostak
  71. bs Vos hert zich epes nei-es?
  72. bt Ongevarfen
  73. bu Pyesseh
  74. bv Shainer gelechter
  75. bw Farshtopt
  76. bx Ongepatshket
  77. by Hitskop
  78. bz Ongematert
  79. ca plotz
  80. cb Nit kain farshloffener
  81. cc Er macht a tel fun dem.
  82. cd Yukel
  83. ce Shlecht veib
  84. cf Zaideh
  85. cg Vaneh
  86. ch Poo, poo, poo
  87. ci Oiver botel
  88. cj Billik
  89. ck Pitseler
  90. cl Fisfinger
  91. cm Plyotkenitzeh
  92. cn oy vey iz mir
  93. co Ich vel dir geben kadoches!
  94. cp Farshnoshket
  95. cq Nochshlepper
  96. cr Farfroyren
  97. cs Es iz (tsu) shpet.
  98. ct Es gefelt mir.
  99. cu Macher
  100. cv Shtum
  101. cw Temper kop
  102. cx (A) Kop oif di plaitses!
  103. cy Tei-yerinkeh!
  104. cz Vantz
  105. da Ver vaist?
  106. db Maidel
  107. dc Traifener bain
  108. dd Feinkochen
  109. de Onshikenish
  110. df Gelt
  111. dg Umglick
  112. dh Kaddishel
  113. di Tzitzis
  114. dj Ganef
  115. dk S'teitsh!
  116. dl Es ken gemolt zein.
  117. dm Balbatish
  118. dn Shaigitz
  119. do Vi gaits?
  120. dp Vos maint es?
  121. dq Oyg oyf oyg
  122. dr Shmaltz
  123. ds Ongeblozzen
  124. dt Pitsel
  125. du Drai mir nit kain kop!
  126. dv Er est vi noch a krenk.
  127. dw A schwartz yor
  128. dx Geshmak
  129. dy A foiler tut in tsveyen
  130. dz Varfen an oyg
  131. ea Dybbuk
  132. eb Nafkeh bay-is
  133. ec Mechutainista
  134. ed Shnecken
  135. ee Vi haistu?
  136. ef Gornisht
  137. eg shtup
  138. eh Kamtsoness
  139. ei kibbitz
  140. ej Gai tren zich. (taboo)
  141. ek no chupah no shtupa
  142. el Hak flaish
  143. em Arumgeflickt!
  144. en Chaleshen
  145. eo Gedempte flaysh
  146. ep Shmo(e)
  147. eq Kallehniu
  148. er Shmek tabik
  149. es Kaporeh, (kapores)
  150. et Shnorrer
  151. eu Rachmones
  152. ev bisl
  153. ew Loch in kop
  154. ex Ongeshtopt mit gelt
  155. ey Shikseh
  156. ez Me lost nit leben!
  157. fa Kasokeh
  158. fb Shandeh
  159. fc Nishtgedeiget
  160. fd Ongetshepter
  161. fe Shoymer
  162. ff Tateh-mameh, papa-mama
  163. fg schmitzig
  164. fh Hak mir nicht in tchainik (arain)
  165. fi Der mensch trakht un Gott lahkht
  166. fj Shkapeh
  167. fk Tsnueh
  168. fl Onzaltsen
  169. fm Gelaimter
  170. fn Gebentsht mit kinder
  171. fo Shmulky!
  172. fp Dos hartz hot mir gezogt
  173. fq Gebrenteh tsores
  174. fr Got tsu danken
  175. fs Arbit
  176. ft Pushkeh
  177. fu Kaftan
  178. fv Fressen
  179. fw Shtark, shtarker
  180. fx Plagen
  181. fy Tu mir nit kain toives
  182. fz Knacker
  183. ga Es tut mir bahng.
  184. gb schmuck
  185. gc Tsebrech a fus!
  186. gd Frassk
  187. ge Es past nit.
  188. gf Shmontses
  189. gg Ver dershtikt!
  190. gh Zolstu azoy laiben!
  191. gi Tsivildivit
  192. gj Drek mit Leber
  193. gk Feinshmeker
  194. gl Kroivim
  195. gm Azoy gait es!
  196. gn Yiskor
  197. go Bentshen lecht
  198. gp Kabaret forshtelung
  199. gq Du kannst nicht auf meinem rucken pishen unt mir sagen class es regen ist.
  200. gr Nisht geshtoygen, nisht gefloygen
  201. gs Ich feif oif dir!
  202. gt Klainer gornisht
  203. gu Tatenui
  204. gv A farshlepteh krenk
  205. gw Arein
  206. gx Goyeh
  207. gy bupkes
  208. gz A maidel mit a klaidel
  209. ha Tut vai dos harts
  210. hb Biteh
  211. hc Tumel
  212. hd Past nit.
  213. he An emmisse meisse
  214. hf Meshugoyim
  215. hg Mutek
  216. hh Er iz a niderrechtiker kerl!
  217. hi shmutz
  218. hj Gloib mir!
  219. hk Trogedik
  220. hl K'nish (taboo)
  221. hm Tsatskeleh der mamehs!
  222. hn Yachsen
  223. ho shlemiel
  224. hp Getchke
  225. hq Ziseh neshomeh
  226. hr Kam derlebt
  227. hs Oyfgekumener
  228. ht Kuk im on!
  229. hu Nar
  230. hv Ta'am
  231. hw Gitte neshomah
  232. hx Chutzpenik
  233. hy Togshul
  234. hz Chupah
  235. ia Vaitik
  236. ib K'vitsh
  237. ic Pipek
  238. id Farshtaist?
  239. ie Shvoger
  240. if Gezunteh moid!
  241. ig Essen
  242. ih Lang leben zolt ir!
  243. ii Tzadrait
  244. ij Shlimazel
  245. ik Me redt zich oys dos hartz!
  246. il Farschimmelt
  247. im Tahkeh
  248. in Plagen zich
  249. io Haimish ponem
  250. ip Focha
  251. iq Patteren tseit
  252. ir farblondget
  253. is Nito farvos!
  254. it Traif
  255. iu Zei nit kain vyzoso!
  256. iv Obtshepen
  257. iw mishegas
  258. ix Veibernik
  259. iy Draikop
  260. iz Oysgedart
  261. ja Farshlugginer
  262. jb Na!
  263. jc shmatteh
  264. jd Zhu met (mir) in kop
  265. je Vilder mentsh
  266. jf Nitsn
  267. jg Zhaleven
  268. jh Tziter
  269. ji (A) Nechtiker tog!
  270. jj Gut far him!
  271. jk Zol zein mit glik!
  272. jl Reisen di hoit
  273. jm Nit gidacht!
  274. jn Tsitskeh
  275. jo Geshtroft
  276. jp baleboste
  277. jq Groyser finger
  278. jr Opgehitener
  279. js Tzufil!
  280. jt Opnarerei
  281. ju Es iz nit dayn gesheft
  282. jv Shmutzik
  283. jw Batlan
  284. jx Fardross
  285. jy Laidik-gaier
  286. jz Farbissener
  287. ka Chaleria
  288. kb Yenteh
  289. kc Drai zich!
  290. kd Ummeglich!
  291. ke Luftmentsh
  292. kf Boch
  293. kg Mashugga
  294. kh S'art eich?
  295. ki shlimazel
  296. kj Shlump
  297. kk Gatkes
  298. kl Shvindeldik
  299. km Lokshen
  300. kn Tsevishen-shtotisheh telefonistkeh
  301. ko Oych mir a leben!
  302. kp Farmach dos moyl!
  303. kq Drek auf dem teller
  304. kr Shlub
  305. ks Shmuts
  306. kt Oy gevalt!
  307. ku Ohmain
  308. kv Chutzpeh
  309. kw Shnell
  310. kx A breyte deye hob'n
  311. ky Oyfen himmel a yarid!
  312. kz Kochedik
  313. la Nisht naitik
  314. lb Zingen
  315. lc Gezunt vi a ferd
  316. ld feh!
  317. le beryiah
  318. lf shmendrik
  319. lg Nishtkefelecht
  320. lh Bohmerkeh
  321. li A glick hot dir getrofen!
  322. lj Gai in drerd arein!
  323. lk Mekheye
  324. ll Fardrai zich dem kop!
  325. lm Farmutshet
  326. ln Oif tsalooches
  327. lo Mashgiach
  328. lp Ipish
  329. lq Pitsvinik
  330. lr tsuris
  331. ls Fortz n' zovver
  332. lt Kukn durkh di finger oyf
  333. lu Dreidal
  334. lv A langer lucksh
  335. lw Gai avek!
  336. lx Balebatim
  337. ly Parnosseh
  338. lz Farfolen
  339. ma yiddisher kop
  340. mb Pishechtz
  341. mc shmaltzy
  342. md Kalyekeh
  343. me Nit gidacht gevorn
  344. mf Opgekrochen
  345. mg sei gesund
  346. mh Bulvan
  347. mi Och un vai!
  348. mj Machashafeh
  349. mk Gedainkst?
  350. ml Nem zich a vaneh!