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  • According to Christopher Browning in "One Day in Jozefow," the men of the 101st regiment:

    Were often motivated by alcohol or peer pressure rather than anti-Semitism

    Which of these is not an obvious indicator of Schindler's change of character over the course of the film Schindler's ?

    He converts to Judaism.

    Who is Shimon Huberband, the author of Kiddush Hashem?

    A rabbi in Poland during ghettoization of the Jews

    "First they came for the jews" is attributed to:

    A German reverend who regretted placing his faith in Hitler's politics

    According to Huberband, legal disputes during the holocaust:

    Were extremely common, as people went to rabbinical courts after promises were broken (regarding the protection of possessions or people)

    The episode of Midlife Crisis titled "Bastards" focuses mainly on:

    The multiethnic and multicultural identities of Jews over thousands of years

    Levi states (at the beginning of Survival in Auschwicz) that before they thought they would die, many prisoners:

    Became very intoxicated, fought with each other and told secrets

    Primo Levi's Shame of the world refers to:

    How many people in the world knew what was happening to the Jews in Europe, but chose not to act

    Which of these statements most accurately describes the tone, form, and focus of Delbo's "Voices"/

    The piece is scattered and disjointed in both focus and form, with a focus on aspects of memory and "not knowing"

    At the beginning of the pianist, Szpilman is able to acquire work papers for his family members by;

    Being lucky enough to run into friends with connections.

    A central focus of the film night and fog is that:

    Something like the holocaust can and will happen again

    The narrorator of written in pencil in the sealed freightcar is:


    We viewed a music video form the american band say anything. Which of these statements most closely resonates with tty stone and content of the video:

    The video is fairly upbeat and demonstrates the idea that love and hope for the future can exist even within the context of the holocaust

    In the last days, we do not see much perspective from the other side, or that of the perpetrators. However we see one survivor (Renee) speaks with a former Nazi in order to gain some insight as to her sister Klara's death. Why does Renee speak to the former Nazi?

    Renee speaks to the former Nazi doctor who was recorded to have Klara as a patient in the clinic of a concentration camp.

    According to Opening the Mind trauma, (Opening chapter of the power of witnessing) the author agues that spielberg directed Schindlers list in a way that:

    Shifts from taumatic experiences to human or mundane experiences, allowing the audience to experience and process trauma just as a witness of the holocaust.

    Part of night and fog was initially censored. How was it censored?

    A French Guard was blacked out of view

    Weirnik speaks at length about two men named nicolas and ivan and their role in Treblinka. Who were they?

    Ukrainian camp guards who gained sadistic satisfaction from torturing and killing Jews.

    In Blood:Reading the Holocaust, Alene Kramer Richards:

    Seeks to make sense of her own experiences through the exploration of poetry.

    A pogrom is:

    Anti-Jewish violence often supported by local law enforcement

    At the beginning of schindlers list, we are introduced to Judenrat. What is the Judenrat?

    A place for Jews to lodge complaints

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