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  • Beim glesel gefint men a sach gute freind

    You can find many good friends over a glass of wine

    Gesunt is besser fun geld

    Better health than wealth

    Host broyt mit puter is der masel a guter

    If you have bread and butter, you have good luck

    Di ganze welt is nischt meschugge

    The whole world is not crazy

    Gute freind fun weiten

    You are better friends from afar

    Gring zu sogen, schwer zu trogen

    Easy to promise, hard to fulfill

    Schweigen heist geret

    Silence gives consent

    Me ken nit iberloyfn die levone

    You can't outrun the moon

    Farschlepte krenk

    An endless matter

    Sei stimmen wie a katz un a hund

    They agree like a cat and a dog

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